My life is so unfair...
My life is so unfair... sister stories
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ginger_night Walk into the sea.
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My sister had everything. But, she only got it by taking it from me...


My life is so unfair...

My sister's getting a phone because she has Diabetes.

She's got so many friends who don't make fun of her.

She has literally everything she could ever ask for.

I'm not responsible than her!

She'd end up finding inappropriate stuff by accident!

I'm already done with FLASH, it won't scar me!

I told my friends about a dream I had last night, and they laughed at me, just because I happened to be hiding in a closet with a boy in my class.

It's not like I can control my dreams!

In fact, at the end of the dream, I stabbed the kid to death!

(Please don't ask)

The only time I can escape reality is when I'm reading,

at school,

or playing Minecraft.

And, guess what, I can't read at night, because my sister is arguing with me!

At school, my sister calls me names behind my back, and tells my friends I'm stupid!

I can't even play Minecraft too often because my sister insists on playing on the computer!

She isn't mentally suffering.

Just physically suffering.

But for me, mentally is much worse than being stabbed with a knife.

She doesn't understand, I would rather die, then fight with her at night.

I would rather die, then go to school.

It really hurts me.

I know, so many kids have to SO much worse than me,

but guess what,

I think I can officially be added to that list.

You know what else?

My sister doesn't have the problem of needing to constantly be touching, checking, or moving.

She doesn't have shaky hands.

She isn't even dumb.

She's just perfect to herself,

and it makes me sick.


that she doesn't understand.


that I won't tell her.


that she ruins my life.


that she doesn't even care.


that she forces me to cry at night because of her.

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