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Hey guys. Just wanted to say, I'm sorry this one took so long to come out. I was just so tied up with my sister and stuff. Anyway, I put a lot of hard work into this stuff, and I'm glad it's so popular! Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Conner Sequel: PART 5

“I don’t have time to tell you two! Please, dears, I’ll tell you when you get home.”

“Tell us, now!” They both demanded. Iris looked at them both quite annoyed. Finally, the children won. Iris lead them to a place hidden in the trees. Iris sat her kids down on a stump.

“They’re mad at Conner, Ella and Alex. They’re so mad that they’ll cause harm to you two as well. They want him dead, but they want him to suffer first, I’d guess.

I don’t know who this is, or what they really want. But, I do know, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it.”

“But, Mommy. They asked us about chests, and books, and talking animals, and Uncle Chase, and James!”

“The book is in the chest. Chase and James were the ones who hid it.” Iris explained.

“But, what about talking animals?” Alex asked. Iris rolled her eyes playfully. She whistles quietly.

“Howdy y'all-” A small brown wolf with tawny paws rolled out of the bush. “I mean- WOOF!”

“Myst. It’s alright. I told them.” Iris says. Ella and Alex hold back screams and hug each other.

“It-it’s-it… It's A… a-a… It’s a…” Ella stuttered.

“A talking wolf. Yup, I get that often. All animals can talk. We just choose not to.” Myst said.

“Now, come on.. I can’t explain anymore.” Iris said, her eyes wet.

“What did Dad do?” Alex said, springing the trap. Iris turned around so no one saw her cry.

“He was the victim… He was only protecting himself… He was innocent. It was his parents’ fault.. All their faults.” A tear fell to the ground.

The next thing that happened, neither Ella or Alex could explain. The wolf jumped behind a bush, and a few seconds later they returned. Or, she returned.

“Hey, it’s alright Iris. You’re right. He’s the victim. But, you can’t cry about it. It’s alright.” A girl slightly taller than Iris was patting Iris on the shoulder.

She had chestnut skin, and dark brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. She looked exactly like Myst, but human.

“Wh-where did… Myst go?” Alex said, stumbling up to his Mom.

“I am Myst.” The girl said. “One of a kind. Seriously. I am the last of my species…”

“Thanks Myst. I really missed talking to you.”

“As soon as we get Conner back, we should tell him.” Myst said.

“We can’t. He’ll freak. I wasn’t even there the first time he met a talking wolf. But, I do know that was when they were still working for Chase.”

“Ah yes. I am not from that generation. I’m sorry about Summer, by the way.” Iris started crying all over again. Myst turned to the children.

“I am the last of the Lycanthropy.” Myst explained.

“But, isn’t that, like, a disease or something?” Ella asked. Myst snorted.

“Well… Sort of. But, this one is real. For example, I actually turn into a wolf. I’m not mad.”

“Isn’t that just a werewolf?”

“Course not! Werewolves only become wolves at midnight, on a full moon. I can change at my own will.”

“Myst take them away. I’m going back for him.”

Blaze let Jax carry the unconscious Conner. Blaze had taken form of Jax, to hide her identity. Eventually she couldn’t stop herself, and let Jax free. He didn’t remember a thing.

Only that he worked for Blaze.

“I can’t bear to see him like that anymore.” Blaze said waving Jax off.

“Why is it that… You know…?”

“I do not wish him harm, Jax. It’s just that he disgraced my family! He disgraced my sister. She, she was beaten! BY A MALE! A MALE OF ALL THINGS! UGH THAT STUPID LITTLE SON OF-”

“I’m sorry, but what do you have against males?” Jax interrupted.

“Oh nothing. It’s just that THEY KILLED MY FAMILY!” Blaze screamed.

“Well… Not all boys are like that!” Jax argued.

“Yes, they are!” Blaze cried.



“YEAH! SO WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!” Jax screamed.

“THAT YOU ARE WRON-” Conner started waking up.

“Ahh…” He moaned. “Whe-where am I?” Jax dropped him. He cursed under his breath.

“Blaze…?” Jax started.

“Hide!” Blaze hissed. Jax fled down the corridor before Conner could look up and see him.

“What is go-” Blaze grabbed Conner’s right wrist, cutting him off.

“Silent!” Blaze whispered, gripping his wrist tighter. Sure, Conner would've done whatever he wanted to do. He could easily escape her grasp. He didn’t.

Conner decided that he shouldn’t really fight the crazy lady that could kill him if she wanted to.

Meanwhile… Jax was silently running down the halls. He didn’t know why his Master had told him to hide, but he wouldn’t dare disobey her. That usually means insta-death.

Instead of waiting, Jax decided to try and find Iris, Ella, and Alex. If he could get them he was sure, his Master would be glad. He knew she was just toying with them.

Surely she didn’t want the girl to escape. She was the bait.

Jax followed the footprints, until he came to a clearing hidden behind the trees. Ella and Alex were sitting on a stump watching Iris cry. Some other person was there too.

“Who could that be?” Jax whispered under his breath. The new girl whipped around, and (oddly) sniffed the air.

“We’re being watched. A male, I’d guess. Come on, we must leave while he’s still in shock.” The girl grabbed Iris, and Ella and Alex followed.

That was weird. How did she know I was here? Jax thought.

Conner had no idea why he was here, or what was following them. He was ready to fight though.

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