Conner Sequel PART 2:
       Conner Sequel PART 2: alex and ellaaaaaaaaaaa stories

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Ah yea! Conner fiction PART 2! LESSGO!

Conner Sequel PART 2:

“Alright then, let’s go find Ella, and Alex.” Conner sighed.

Back at the cell…

“Alex, I’m really scared… What if they catch us?”

“They won’t… Come on, let’s just get to the gate.” Alex led Ella through the darkness, only hoping he was going the right way, for his sister’s sake.

Almost a minute later of walking without any sense of direction, Alex ran into a wall. “Ow… I think there’s a wall here.”

“Shh!” His sister shushed, and let go of Alex’s hand.

“What are you doing?” Alex whispered. Ella didn’t answer. She ran her finger along the wall, touching every indent.

“This is where we came from…” She announced. “They made a… They made a stone wall appear, out of nowhere!” Ella exclaimed.

“But, that’s impossi-”

“No, look!” Ella interrupted. She found something that stuck out in the wall, like a stone button! “I think I found something.” Ella pushed it, it didn’t budge. She pushed harder. No response.

“Help me!”

Alex and Ella both managed to push it down. The wall made rumbling noises, very loudly. Hopefully this won’t give us away… Ella thought.

The wall collapsed silently. It fell through the floor.

“How did-?” Ella started.

“Let’s not question it, Ella. Come on, I can see the exit!”

Chapter 3: Oops...

Ella and Alex ran through where the wall once was. Just outside the wall was freedom.

They just had to get through the forest unnoticed, and jump back into bed without their parents finding out.

“Just gotta get… Home, and… Get into bed…” Ella panted.

“Nothing happened…” Alex suggested with an inhale.

They started into the forest. The trees growing densely. As they got closer to the house it started to drizzle, then rain.

Something hidden in the trees reached out and grabbed Ella and Alex. Ella screamed.

“Dad?!” Alex cried.

“Quiet!” Conner put his hand over Alex’s mouth.

“W- why are you guys-?” Ella started.

“Please not here, children. Come on, we should run.” Conner grabbed Ella and Alex, in his hands. “I can’t believe you two snuck out.” Conner mumbled.

When they finally got home Iris and Conner sat Ella and Alex down.

“What did they ask you?” Conner demanded.

“Daddy, what’s going on?” Ella started crying.

“Oh, Ella please don’t cry. We just want to make sure you’re safe.” Iris hugged Ella close.

“Please don’t be mad.” Alex said.

“Hey, hey.” Conner said softly. “It doesn’t matter now. You’re safe.”

“All we really need to know is if they know your last name.” Iris said, letting go on Ella.

“T- they know… But, Mom.. Alex only told them because they were going to kill me!” Ella sobbed.

“We’re in some serious trouble…” Conner sighed.

“Why do so many people hate you and Mom?” Alex asked. Iris looked at Conner.

“Well, I believe your father’s already told you that much.” Iris said. Conner nodded. Ella stopped crying.

“How come we’ve never seen our grandparents?” Ella asked.

Conner bit his lip. After a short silence he said, “Oh you kids are too smart for us…”

“Can we go to bed?” Ella asked. Iris managed a smile.

“I- uh… Sure?” Conner said. But, he said it like a question.

“Why’d you say it like that, Dad?” Alex asked.

“I said nothing. Go, get on your pajamas.”

And so, they did. They wouldn’t sneak out ever again. Maybe…

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