Can I Trust Him?

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Trustttttttttttttttttttttttt! <3

Can I Trust Him?

Sarah looked over her shoulder, at Jacob. She couldn't help staring. Jacob turned and saw her. He gave her a crooked smile, and went back to his math sheet. Sarah blushed and turned around.

She urged herself to stay away from Jacob. She didn't trust him enough. He was the kind of kid who'd make a promise, then claim he never did.

Sarah sighed quietly. The bell rang and school was over. She pushed open the heavy wooden doors with a grunt, and started down the crosswalk. Jacob ran after her. "Hey, Sarah!" He called.

"Y-y-yeah?" Sarah stammered. "Was, uh, something wrong... In math class?" Jacob asked. Sarah could hardly breathe. Oh no, oh no, oh no! She thoughts. "No. I was, uh...

Looking at the books behind you... Interesting titles..." Sarah lied. "Oh. Well, alright. Just wanted to make sure you were okay." Jacob smiled, and crossed the street.

Sarah inhaled as much air as she could, then exhaled. "Bye." She squeaked.

The next day...

On the way to school Sarah had to cross the street (she walked to school by the way) in front of Jacob's house. Usually Jacob was already at school, but today he was waiting for Sarah.

Sarah held her breath as she passed him. "Hi Sarah. How are you today?"


"I- I'm fine." Sarah forced a smile. "You seem nervous. Are you alright." "I'm just tired. Let's just go to school." Jacob nodded.

Sarah crossed the street absentmindedly, She didn't hear the car coming. "SARAH!" Jacob screamed. Sarah jolted my head upwards, just in time to see Jacob shove us both out of the street.

Sarah landed on the other sidewalk.

"J-J-Jacob... You, you... You saved my life." Sarah stuttered. "I couldn't let someone I... Someone I love die." Jacob said slowly, waiting for Sarah to hit him.

"Jacob... I didn't know I could trust you. I thought-" "I know what you thought." Jacob interrupted.

"Thank you."

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