Rest in Pieces, My Love
Rest in Pieces, My Love breakup stories

ginaschultzstill searching for my purpose
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Still mopping on the cold Maine, rainy days about a breakup two years ago. Welcome to my life.

Rest in Pieces, My Love

by ginaschultz

We write love letters in many forms.

I quick, "Have a good day" text to a significant other,

or spouse.

Email to your big executive boss you're sleeping with

About what you'd like to do to him right after five.

Family posting ugly childhood photos on your

Facebook timeline. Aunts and Uncles comment,


These shades or love and lust grow darker as the years

increase that I rot here.

I thought these love letters were a token of my fate.

Because it's nice to feel thought of.

But when the one you love, sends a parting letter, these

letters lose their virtuosity.

These letters alone become meaningless except for that one.

"I feel that we should part"

"I'm just not in a good place."

"I wish I could be the one for you."

But losing the one you love can feel like a glimpse of death

Next time, don't say good bye or farewell.

Sign--"rest in pieces, my love."

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