Oneway ticket to being self aware
Oneway ticket to being self aware selfawareness stories

ginaschultz still searching for my purpose
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So, I was sitting outside staring at the stars and this washed over me. I'm a senior in high school, have multiple stupid diagnosis from my counselor, and one of the main things she frequently tells me is to be self aware. I'll take the first step I suppose, I guess I'll put it in writing.

Oneway ticket to being self aware

by ginaschultz

I am me

Refuses to voice a plee

I victim I am not, that's pure lose of sanity

I stay up late

To late to function correctly.

I live out my days infused with caffeine and nicotine

and some say that's not healthy.

But I don't care.

I write my path. I tore down the trees, limb by fucking limb

swam every pond and every river to prove to myself...

This dream isn't a dream, I want to make it a reality.

Twisted fate, and a twisted tongue to seal it with.

Lick the stamp and send it off to 170, south of ME.

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