Anguishing Normality
Anguishing Normality bed stories

gin_chroma Community member
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First story! A story about how I feel on a daily basis, at night.

Anguishing Normality

The clock ticks on, never-ending, and like music to my ears. It is the only thing my ears can catch as I lie in bed, in a cozy set of pajamas, and an ever cold world surrounding me.

The cold hones in, and batters my mind, freezing my heart as I call for help, yet I'm unanswered once again. My hands at my sides fidget, my legs criss and cross, and my mind is torn asunder.

I wake to restlessness once again, not sure of the hours I spent staring into my ceiling, wondering if it would divulge me any answers.

I heave my body from my now irresistibly soft bed, and along follows the maelstrom of brain-splitting thoughts I'm sure to have for ninety percent of that day,

just to have it happen again the day after next.

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