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gillysmom Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
This is for the girl I never got to meet. We never got to meet.

I do

Do you miss her?

Do you think of her when shopping at the local supermarket?

Does not seeing her make your heart sink so far you're afraid you'll never find it again?

Do you tremble in the bath and scratch at your already worn down skin because she was with you, right there with you?

Do you regret saying goodbye so soon?

Too soon?

Does imagining her eyes turn your stomach into a ball of desire and agony?

Does the new girl hold your head while reassuring you that you're not broken and she wasn't worth it?

Does watching your silent tears trickle down the drain make you cry even harder?

Do you see her in puddles or even in your own reflection?

Do you even care?

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