Well Connected
Well Connected sad stories

gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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My eyes have perceived this throughout my years. Real life poetry! Love and respect

Well Connected

Honest beginnings, tales of childhood fun

Running around the neighborhood, shades away from a gun

All along the boulevard, fancy cars pass by

Lessons learned daily, getting ready to fly

Starts off slow, pulling missions for Big Mo

Grows into handling business when things get out of control

Graduated to a Gangster, putting a team together

The circle is tight, it’s a bond that could last forever

Business running local and overseas

Big connections being made, even with the Chiefs of Police

Money rules most in this world, fear is the top

Betray your team, you’ll get chopped

Loyalty amongst this crowd is thin

It’s there, just hard to win

Time has passed on, the path is getting tough

Being Well Connected, is it a curse or a must?

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