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Hello, they call me Tooth Would you like to hear some truth?


Hello, they call me Tooth

Would you like to hear some truth?

At one time I was a central incisor

You know one of those teeth in the front that cuts through anything like a grinder

I was part of a perfect set of teeth

That’s until my human slipped at the pool while sliding on his feet

All of a sudden my human slipped up and bang I came flying out

Then my human gave a great big shout

The older humans came to his side Picking me up and then taking my human and I for a ride

We were rushed to the dentist in an attempt to save my life

Before I went into Tooth heaven and out of his vise

It was too late, I ate my last carrot earlier that day

And now I will be put away

Under the pillow I went

All I heard was my human crying because he was so hurt

The great fairy from above came that night to swoop me away

I took one last look at my human and he looked as peaceful as a cloudy day

I was reunited with all my younger brothers and sisters, it was great as can be

But I’ll always miss my human because he was the one for me

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