Memorable moments of my life inspired by @notsugarcoating

Memorable moments of my life inspired by @notsugarcoating hope stories

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I figured I’d give this a try and hopefully no one gets scared 😱 lol Life began in 79 , my earliest memory is around three years old, I was in my parents backyard standing close to the fence in between our neighbors house and our house.

Memorable moments of my life inspired by @notsugarcoating

I figured I’d give this a try and hopefully no one gets scared 😱 lol

Life began in 79 , my earliest memory is around three years old, I was in my parents backyard standing close to the fence in between our neighbors house and our house.

I was able to somehow launch a rock over the fence and it broke a window.

I was really scared and I hid close to the fence and when one of the neighbors looked over the fence they didn’t see me 😱. I never told anyone of that day until 20 years later.

My family and I moved to McFarland USA when I was four years old. It’s the town my parents grew up in.

I joined the cross country team at age six and ran for 10 years solid. I won the state championship when I was 7,8 and 9 years of age. I was also undefeated during those years.

Pretty awesome times

Things started to change for me a lot, I guess I lost my innocence around 12 years of age, I smoked weed for the first time of my life and started doing things I wasn’t suppose to.

From fighting to shooting all the birds around my house and making bombs out of picole peats lol crazy kid

Fast forward to my teenage years, hooked up with my first girlfriend when I was 16 and lost my virginity at 16 1/2.

Started breakdancing, tagging, still fighting lol, finding out how tough and crazy I was that’s when I found the gang life smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

Graduated High school and was with my love , Now my wife, had my first kid at 18, second at 20.

I was off running! I was still a kid myself and was really at a lost but knew I had to provide for my young family.

During this time I was also dedicated to the gang life as well and one thing led to another as I was taking my life under.

I was arrested at 21 for a dui and six months later I was arrested for a high speed chase (lasted 20 minutes or so 😱). Now I’m in county jail facing time behind bars .....

did 120 days and was branded a Felon 😒

Did my time and came back out handled my business as needed. Took care of my family, held a good job, helped my parents and well guess what, I’m still involved in the gang activities smh.

Things are getting more serious. From dealing, guns, gangsters and thugs my life was falling out of control.

My friends and family are getting locked up for long and life sentences, friends and family dying, losing my own family, losing control and finally I end up in jail again.

Received 9 months for poss of a firearm and branded a felon again. Two felonies and it’s not looking good , I’m 27 years young and have dug a deep hole for myself.

I vowed to myself the day I walked out of jail that I would never be back and I haven’t yet.

Now I’m a man on a mission to get my family back, my job back , my life back!!

Luckily my old boss liked me so much he gave me back my old job with the same pay 💰! Score...

My wife and kids are back in my life and now things are rolling again! I’m going on 31 years of age and I’m having another kid, I have my last son and things couldn’t get any better!

On top of the 🌍!

Years pass by now I’m 36 and I feel like I’m going to die! I just turned 36 and the following week I found out my wife is leaving me and seeing someone else 😭.

I’m tossed into depression and fits of anger. My old self coming back and I’m scared! Violence and revenge flash through my mind but three shining stars saved me...

My kids, Desiree, Alex and Daniel! They stayed by my side, Desiree the oldest and bravest of all, caught me when I fell , at the young age of 17 she understood more than anyone else around.

My oldest son Alex, loyal as can be, was always watching out for me. My baby boy Daniel, made me feel satisfied!

A year goes by as I try endlessly to fill the void I felt inside since my wife left my side....

My wife and I reunite , the love of my life wants me again but little did I know this would be the hardest test of my life yet.

Still lost and still confused , I’m filled with anger for the action of infidelity but my love for my wife is deeper than the act and that’s a true fact!

As time passes, I work out my fears and tears and finally after trial and error my wife and I are in the same weather. The one and only woman I have ever loved and will love!!

My daughter graduates from High school and she heads off to the Navy! So proud of this young lady!!

Now to the present , I broke the heel on my right foot last month while jumping a fence. I was en route to help my neighbors who’s place was on 🔥.

First time for everything and wow the time down has helped me clear my mind and grow stronger.

My son Alex just graduated High School and is on his way to becoming a man!

I’m very proud we’re I’m at in life right now, things get tough but I was tougher.

With Faith and Love I was able to make it through and will keep going strong! Sorry for the lengthy story but I hope whoever reads it likes it!! Love and respect!

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