Daily Prompt - Dislikes
Daily Prompt - Dislikes  judge stories

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Real Life dislike

Daily Prompt - Dislikes

I thought ...

I do not dislike, hate, loathe or any other way you can name dislike. It was really hard for me to think of things at the beginning but I had a 💡 and here it goes.

I dislike when people complain about their lives but don’t do anything more proactive to change their strides

I dislike when people judge others by appearance and don’t give them the time of day. I have I had this happen to me many times , it still goes on till this day 😒

I dislike when people are physic vampires and suck the life out of you! Then when you don’t have any more to give, they don’t come around or blame you for their suffering!

I dislike when you work your tail off at a corporate job (my experience) and run circles around your co workers while the the guy who is lazy but is friends with the boss gets the raise or higher or better position

I dislike when watching a tv show and right at the best part they go to commercial haha

Ok I’m done talking about what I dislike! We need to have more positive thoughts, patience and love in our lives.

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