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gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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Corruption dwelling within, it can be a killer I’ll tell you this, there is nothing realer

Corrupted past

Corruption dwelling within, it can be a killer

I’ll tell you this, there is nothing realer

Stained with vicious cycles of a thriller

Polluted by the negativity of wrongdoers

Absorbed by the trap society set to control

Losing grasp of your own soul

The crossroads have reached their destination

Looking you in the face, there’s no negotiating

Selection of the next steps, causes you frustrations

The fact that you lack hydration

Can lead you to a deadly altercation

A struggle within yourself, breaking foundation

Now you’ve lost your adoration

What’s coming next, could feel like strangulation

As you take your last breath, you have a revelation

It’s never too late for your own salvation

You must dig in deep to avoid damnation

The devil does not except cancellations

Escaping the hold, this is called realization

Now understanding, the past was all manipulation

what you do next, matters most in the situation

This rise will take more than emulation

You will have to do an exhumation

Once you find yourself, you will need resuscitation

One must learn to walk off infestation

Positive daily habits are in need for transformation

Do you understand what I’m shooting,

Or do you need more clarification

I can do this all day and night, with no hesitation

Let it be known, I belong to no denomination

These words are no dramatization

It’s true life education

I’m showing you some of my exploration

Onto roads that have questioned my past intoxication

Not referring to alcohol fixation

It’s about my spiritual starvation

That took me away from my true consecration

I own it and face my past desecration

I talked myself into this current incubation

Diving deep into myself for inspiration

Have I lost you yet, through my translation

Because this is not a litigation

It’s a wondrous manifestation

For my life’s new elevation

So please keep coming to my service station

If you need some illumination

Trust, you do not need a reservation

You just need GPS navigation

Embrace gods positioning system and your life will create jubilation

I know I’m not the only stimulation

But it’s all in the presentation

And there’s no doubt that we all need some true Poetic illustrations

So I’ll leave you with this speculation

Try some separation

From your old transportation and

Treat yourself to a spiritual vacation

With hopes you will find a more persevering visualization

Love, respect and peace to all the nations!

Yours truly, Poetic_persuasion!

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