Collective broadcasting
Collective broadcasting  chat stories
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gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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Ask yourself if this is better or worst??

Collective broadcasting

Early morning tweets , late night posts

Scrolling through Snaps to see what people boast

Playing the stalker roll while looking into lives

Lives that are edited and some tell lies

Much less person to person communications

Much more comments on photos of people with no inhibitions

Whether the post is fake or real

It’s all another big plot for the government to steal

Info into your hands at the speed of light

But yet we still question why it’s taking so much time

So many choices on what site to use

I’m really wondering why people don’t feel more abused

While keeping in touch is great

And now there’s many ways to collaborate

I have to ask this question though

Is this way going to make more friends or foes

Social Media is broadcasting our times

By permission of us they are robbing us blind

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