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gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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Sometimes life grabs us by the boo boo, we have to keep pushing forward at all times!!


Words of strength coming straight from my heart to our race

Love gets caught on a roller coaster but we can’t show hate

Inspirational intellectual influences

Strikes at the spirit and mind, as my body cruises

Time has come and gone, but still I live on fluid

Some rivers have ceased, some have been ruined

Self inflicted wounds, is there anyone knowing

Kept in the dark, is there anyone glowin

I choose to live in peace and rhyme

Please don’t push me to hit that button and rewind

If it comes at a moments notice, be the one to own it

Pick up the slack, exclaim you rode it

Grab the bull by the horns, is what some say

I say, run through the wicked and leave it astray

Life’s too short to wonder, it’s too short to slumber

Keep your head on right, don’t be a bummer

While I still have your attention, reread this slow

We gonna be alright, I’m just letting you know!

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