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Sorry it doesn't have a better ending but I hope you enjoy!

The Girl Next Door.

by gigigirl

I saw a family moving in next door. I was excited! I could see a family of 5 moving in and bringing all their furniture and boxes inside their home.

My mom thought it would be good idea to introduce ourselves to our new neighbors. Once we got outside we meet them and they had 3 kids, Julia 17, Will 11, and Jenni 13.

Jenni was the same age as me and I was so excited to have a friend who lived next door to me. I could see her room from my room so we would talk to each other through our windows.

It had been a couple of months since Jenni and I met and we were best friends. We talked about everything. Had sleepovers during the summer and just did girl things. It was the best summer ever!

Then school started. We were going to high school and everything changed...

Jenni stopped talking to me. I would try and she wouldn't even look at me. She turned all my friends against me and all of a sudden I was alone.

I didn't talk to anyone. I didn't open my curtains because I didn't want to see her. I would her all my friends going over to her house and I would just cry.

This lasted for a year until I met this girl, Zoe. She was a junior and I was a sophomore but we hung out all the time. We talked about everything. Just like Jenni and I did.

Jenni moved a year later and all my friends came crawling to me. I didn't want to look at them.

I guess maybe Jenni taught me a lesson. I had to learn which friends were actual friends and which ones were fake. I wish that didn't have happened but I'm glad it happened.

Three Years Later...

The craziest thing happened today. I saw Jenni while I was out shopping with Zoe. I stopped to talk to her and see how she was doing. And for the first time in a while we had a real conversation.

Things between us will never be the same but at least I know who my real friends are.

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