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I hope you guys liked this story!

The Boy...

by gigigirl

It was a Friday which meant dance class... I was a star ballerina at the time and I loved dancing. And nothing could change that.

Once my classes were done for that day my mom picked me up and told me we had to go to this party to help with setting up decorations and help serving the food...

My aunt and uncle have this catering food business and on occasion my mom, sisters, and I would help them out with serving. Once we got there the place was absolutely beautiful!

I saw all the tables set up so I started setting up decorations.

I set up everything and by that time the party started.

I started serving food and that's when I saw him...

HIs dark brown eyes looked into mine and I blushed major... I was embarrassed so I quickly scooped food on his plate and he walked away...

Later that night I went to sit outside. I started texting my friend and I told her how bored I was. We talked for about an hour when finally I decided to go look for my mom.

That's when I saw him. He walked up to me and said hello. He introduced himself to me and said his name was Marcus. I smiled back and said my name was Kate.

We talked for twenty minutes and he asked me what I am majoring in. I told him I was thinking about english and he said he teaches english.

We talked for a while longer when finally he said he had to go. I said goodbye when he then kissed me. I kissed him back and said goodnight.

It felt weird considering I was a junior in high school and he was in his earlier twenties but I never thought I would see him again so it wouldn't matter.

Weeks had gone by and I forgot about him... But then in school I was at my desk when all of a sudden I hear a familiar voice. I turn and look at it was him.

He looked at me and his jaw dropped. I looked back down and didn't look at him the rest of class.

The next day I went up to him and we talked. I told that we should just forget about what happened and to not bring up anything, but he thought we could keep it a secret...

So I did...

We spent almost everyday with each other and it felt so right... Finally when I was 18 and I had graduated I moved to California with him...

I got a job and started college and it felt like my life was falling into place. I told my mom and she wasn't happy at all... But she let me go.

One Year Later...

May 16... The day we got married. I was 19 almost 20 and he was 26. Many people didn't like our relationship but I loved him and that's all that mattered...

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