The Wall
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giannisrock Community member
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Why build barriers between us, when we can merge into a barrier ourselves. A barrier against death, fear and hatred.

The Wall

You see a wall that's made of stones, now watch a story to unfold.

You assume the wall is hard to toss, I know each stone was once alone.

What if the wall was made of us, of human beings with brains and hearts?

What if we stopped pursuing wars, and strip away the blindfold?

I shout let's merge into a wall! Follow the dream of peace and love.

Ignite our will to help and guide; protect no land but you and I.

You know the land was made for us, the vice versa is killing us.

We do not own any land, we own our actions, souls and pasts;

everything else is air and dust.

How about we merge as one, at last? Or we will keep falling one by one.

Go on and fill a glass with sins, then break it down and step on it.

You will feel pain, a pain that's real, but if we merge the pain would heal;

as trust and hope would dry the tears and scare away all our fears.

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