Moon Flower

Moon Flower feelings stories

ghxstchxrry short, sweet, and sad
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began as a little school project but liked the idea of this so i finished it

Moon Flower

She blooms in the peaceful garden at twilight when all is quiet

During the day, she was silent. Quiet and observant, fading into the light. She preferred the night.

As the sun falls and the moon arises, so does she. The darkness brings happiness. She prepares to come alive

At the perfect time when all the garden is asleep she is awake mourning and whispering ‘it’s time’ as she begins to bloom in the quiet blackness of the night

As the peaceful garden sleeps, she sings her lullaby and quietly opens her petals in the serene quiet

Her peaceful silent chaos is present during the night when she is the only one awake, as the other flowers sleep, awaiting for the new day. She is alone but finds contentment in the maniacal sadness that the night brings

But soon her mourning is over and as the garden awakens with the sun, she fades with the moon, leaving her dark secrets behind with the night. The moonflower suffers alone as the day flowers are unsuspecting of moon flower’s secret, as she

anticipates the coming of the night once again.

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