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Your old skin will shed, Just in case you have forgotten..

Source: Trinity C. (Me)

To Grow

Today you woke up defeated

Beaten by the waves of life

Last night you felt sorrow

As it becomes harder to face the beast

But this fight is only temporary

Everything you are feeling now

All the doubts, sadness and anger

Will wash away when the tide come

Like a hurricane, the worst will pass

The wreckage left behind will rebuild

Accept the change with an open heart

You're stronger than you appear

At times, it's healthy for the forest to burn

Just to allow new growth to stand tall

And with this growth,

Your old skin will shed

Just in case you have forgotten..

Written by Trinity C. Date made: Feb. 9. 2021 If you like my poems and short stories, I have more on Follow me: @GhoulishtaleStudios

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