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To a Friend that will never see this....

By: Trinity C. (Me)

Letter to an Old Friend

To a Friend that will never see this

You are probably living your best life

I hope it's true

I've never outgrew you

We just fell apart.

You're so stubborn, it's true

I wish we would talk like we used to

But life is funny this way

I never forgotten how close we were

Never forgotten our late nights

The endless laughs

Our every memory captured so nicely

Yet we fell apart.

I'm always thinking what went wrong

We were so close

We used to never fight

You became distant

reluctantly so did I

I don't know what hurt you enough

to stop opening up

It always bothered me to see you so hurt

apart of me died that day

And I guess that's something I need to let go of..

I'll never stop caring about you

And though our chapter together was bitter sweet

I'll always remember your special day

For Today I wanted you to know,

I still love you..

and I hope you're happy,

wherever you are..

Written by Trinity C. Date made: Oct.20 2020 If you like my poems and short stories, I have more on ko-fi.com/ghoulishtalestudios Follow me: @GhoulishtaleStudios

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