A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember horror stories

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( Summer- Horror Contest)
A serial Killer stalks his newest obsession.
"I remember her, that day so clearly imprinted. I remember the way her shadow danced under the street lights. The way her silhouette crept up each building she passed. "

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A Night to Remember

I remember her, that day so clearly imprinted.

I remember the way her shadow danced under the street lights. The way her silhouette crept up each building she passed.

She was beautiful. Golden red hair and freckles that neatly collected upon her face.

Emerald eyes that shine like diamond rings. Perfect teeth, I wonder what she ate that night..

Ahh.. if only she knew who I was. If only she had knew how much I had admired her beauty.

But from the shadows I lurked and further she ran. It was sad to see a gorgeous creature get away.

I wanted her all to myself. Her precious skin, I wanted to examine. Her heart, I wanted to touch. Yet, she kept running down the crooked road.

She didn't know who I was. She didn't know that I had studied her perfect anatomy, following her endlessly any where she went.

I knew her family. The routines they had, the fights she was apart of and the lowlife that she loved...

Ahh, a late summer night, she sprinted down a field, it was hot... sweat beamed off her porcelain brow. She was exhausted. My precious was tired of running, she tripped into some mud.

Finally, I was able to catch up to her. I just wanted to talk..

"Jessica, Why have you been running from me."

She screamed for me to leave. Oh, if only she knew how much I missed her. The way she talked, the way she smelled. She's even more beautiful under the stars.

Mud soaked through her clothing and packed heavily around her body. She looked defeated and scared.

"Please don't scream my love"

I pulled out my pocket knife and held it close to her throat. I remember how she squirmed under the blade as she begged for me to let her go.

" You don't know me, do you? I just want to show you my art"

Her soft gasps for a breath made my skin shutter, I loved her so much. She quietly begged again for me to let her go.

" I painted so many portraits of your beautiful face... you always looked so lonely sitting in your room"

Tears rolled down her face..down, down it went til it pooled at her chin. She refused to acknowledge me. I remember being so angry at her. I do regret what I did.

I pushed the knife harder to her throat.. streams of wine stained her entire being as she laid helplessly on the unforgiving ground.

I remember lights of red and blue flashing before my eyes, her body glowed against it all. I loved her so much. I slowly raised my hands and never broke from her foggy gaze.

Shouting pierced the stagnant air surrounding us.

" I just wanted to love you"

I felt pain in my heart for the first time. And from all the people I've took lives from. She was by far the most important.

Written by Trinity C. Date made: 7-22-2020 If you like my poems and short stories, I have more on ko-fi.com/ghoulishtalestudios Follow me: @GhoulishtaleStudios

I'm currently working on self-publishing a book of Poems. If you like what I do, please check out my website.. Like and follow for exclusive poems & more. I have a goal set as well, for anyone who would like to help support <3

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