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ghostown best friends with writers block
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I promise you... i'll get there soon.

Wait for me

You tell me I haven't been myself lately

That I haven't been easy to love

And that you're tired of this seemly endless gray fog

You're looking away...

You're looking away... You're ALWAYS looking away

please stay

please stay just stay a little longer

cause you're the one who told me to fight the monsters

And without you I don't think make it through the night

But... if you want to go

Im not going to stop you

cause you deserve better anyway

And if leaving

And if leaving will make you happy

Then i will go

I will trap myself in the gray

Never moving forwards or backwards

Stuck in this small town

I cant change who I am but please know im trying to be what you want

I cant do this but ill do it anyway

Trying to become better than I know I am

Trying to become what you think I am


so please just stay a little longer

and i promise that I'll be able to do it

I promise that I'll be braver than I could ever be without you

and if you could wait for me a little longer...

The gray might someday fade

And you will finally be able to really see me

Hope you enjoyed it!

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