u n s p o k e n
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ghostown best friends with writers block
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i really hope you enjoy! pls leave a like u did it means a lot to me! :)

u n s p o k e n

the gap sat there between us

a giant u n s p o k e n word

that we feared to speak

as we could lose everything either of us could ever want

afraid of that thought

afraid of my own head

telling me just how little i must have meant to you

i desperately tried to choke them down

all of those thoughts unprovoked and unwanted

she loves me

(you're wrong)

she cares

(you're a burden)

oceans flooding through the bathroom door

as i look at the girl across the sink


what the hell have you become?

drowning in clouds

craving the edge of anything death could give me

any thing to end this headache

i didn't want to need you anymore

but poems and voices are carried by the wind

floating in front of my eyes

like fireflies

making me think of you...

yet that word will stay u n s p o k e n

(because you know she doesn't love you)

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