Fragile sad stories
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ghostown best friends with writers block
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she used to be there, i wonder where she went, and who she thinks shes fooling


It's just another night

Where the lights look dimmer

My skin gets thinner

I'm falling apart but not sure why

This part should be easy

Doing it over again

...over again...

Over and over again i'm spinning around

Like some ballerina in a music box

But theirs...

no one there to listen to the music

And the chair in front of me will remain empty

My skin seems to shatter

Just a little every night

As the sun sets and the moon starts to rise

The cracks start to show and bleed in the dark

And the streams on my face

The paths which the tears always fall

Little pieces of me

Things that used to make me complete

Start to break off and fall to the ocean

I need someone here...

To hold me together...

When EVERYTHING is ready to shatter

but there's no one here ....

not anymore?

Cause hey, it's not like i mattered

so i'll cry

Just for tonight

Cause by tomorrow i'll be done

And feeling cowardly as ****

Because apparently i'm just not strong enough for it

I'll walk through all the halls

Hiding my skin, covered in new scars

Hating myself and what i became overnight

Feeling sad, feeling lost

But hey, it's better than the numb

that i feel when i cut

But hey... whatever it's fine it'l heal

And these words and bloody sheets

There all ill ever be

cause really i'm nothing more than my scars.

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