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Statement 19356

Statement of Oliver Reads

Regarding a TV show easter special, he watched as a child

Statement begins

I remember it all pretty clearly. I was about five years old and it was Easter morning in the late '90s.

There's not a lot you can do as a five-year-old so my tiny body was glued in front of the TV.

I remember sesame street had just ended, I was watching it on the local religious station called tv 8 kids fun festival or something, anyway, that's not important.

My mom was in the next room over making breakfast.

The credits of sesame street ended and the screen switched to this low budget looking cartoon, it was grainy and everything had a pink undertone.

Yet young me saw nothing wrong with it I simply sat there and watched. It started off with two kids walking on screen, a boy and girl siblings I think.

Now I don't have anything against religion, nor Christianity hell I grew up Christian, but this was honestly one of the things that turned me away from religion as a whole.

They were supposed to be learning the history and importance of easter day.

They started by walking outside and into a forest, happily singing a song about how Jesus will rise and easter day will begin.

They reached a cave with a boulder blocking the entrance, there was a small cat in a soldier uniform standing by the entrance.

"Howdy ho! What are young kids like you doing out here?" the cat said as he walked up to the siblings. "We are here to see Jesus rise!" exclaimed the little girl.

The dialogue sounded just as dead as any other small children's show. "Oh him, he's sleeping right now," I remember at this point the camera zoomed into the cats' face in an unsettling way.

"But we just must see him today!" the little boy pleaded. This is where it all starts to get a little fuzzy for me.

I'm pretty sure they gave the cat a treat or something to convince him to move. Once the cat was gone the two children started pushing the giant rock aside.

I remember hearing my mom frying eggs, the sizzling seemed to collide with the two children opening the dark cavern. The rock moved at an almost frame by frame rate, it was agonizingly slow.

Then suddenly the show clipped to the inside of the cave. There seemed to be a figure hunched in the corner violently shaking.

The camera cut back to the two children saying "happy easter everybody!" in cherry tones.

Now I'm gonna need you to listen to me for the next part, I know it's gonna sound crazy but please I know what I saw. They were, well,


but not normal fingers they were long and thin almost claw-like. At first, I thought it was just part of the show until they started reaching out to my living room.

My fight or flight kicked in but instead of doing either of those I just sat there mesmerized. The fingers seemed to be coming from a door on the screen.

Now I don't know what came over me but I got up and started the walk towards not the fingers but the door.

That goddamm door.

It was almost like I was in some sort of trance. I was almost at the TV when I heard my mom call me for breakfast. "Oliver, breakfast!" I didn't respond.

It seemed so right just to keep walking, forward forever. On and on, it almost felt as if I was going home. I reached my hand out.

"OLIVER!" My mother yelled this time with anger in her voice, and that's when I snapped. I fell to the floor wailing, I remember my mother rushing in and asking what was wrong.

I remember her looking up at the TV staring for a little while then looking back at me and picking me up.

And that was it, I still can't explain what happened that day and my mother refuses to talk about it.

Part of me hopes it was just my young brain making things up to go along with an odd low budget cartoon, the other part still wonders what would've happened if I walked through that door

Statement Ends.

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