I am not
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ghostkid I write bad short stories and poetry
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i guess this counts as coming out

I am not

I am not your daughter

I am not your sister

For a long while, I told myself I didn't know what I was

But part of me always knew

I use to watch my brother and his friends run around

I always wondered why it made me feel bad

it took me a long time to realize it was jealousy

Jealousy over not being able to grow up like that

I use to pretend to have crushes on boys

I don't think I ever actually liked them

I wanted to be them

so sure of something so vague

Then there's dance

grace, beauty, perfection. stereotypical femininity

Everything I loved

Everything I fear

So maybe I'm not so sure, or maybe society is messed up

but I am not your daughter

I am your son

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