Youth stories

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by ghostful

Our wayward smiles are abandoning us

Replaced with sandpaper eyes

And vacant stares

Across the floor

No longer are we present within the moment

But stuck somewhere deep in thought

The driven teens that youth has born and bred

Are teeming with thoughts of pure dread

Dead ambition heavy on the soul

We don't want to get up anymore

But the exam halls are calling our names

Flat monotone and heads down

A single set of footfalls on the stiff wooden floor

Eyes like a gunpoint against our heads

The tapping of pens on paper

Anxiety driven... can we succeed?

Or will I be deemed below the average

I can't help but feel ashamed

When I can't conjure forty pages of revision to my brain

I guess I only have myself to blame...

Will we ever beat the teenagers existence crisis?

The unresolved inner struggle

Over a fragile sense of self

I'm waiting for the day

I can be proud of myself

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