Things I Still Dare to Wish
Things I Still Dare to Wish stories

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Don't ever let someone toxic hurt you time and time again

Things I Still Dare to Wish

by ghostful

I wish someone could think

That my eyes hold galaxies

And my skin is a blanket of stars

I wish someone could treasure me

Like my laugh makes them dizzy

And my kiss makes everything fuzzy

I wish someone would tell me

That my smile is like coming home

And they wouldn’t want to do it alone

They want to do it with me

I wish someone took the care

To turn my hands over in theirs

And tell me how perfect they are

From the lines that etch my skin

To the heart that lies within

I wish my lips weren’t scarred

And my skin not charred

From your touch

I want to scrub you off till I'm raw

You are not like the former

Not even close

One day I’ll find someone who loves me

More than I ever loved you

And by that day I hope

That I have long forgotten all about you

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