The Most Accomplished Thief
The Most Accomplished Thief firstlove stories

ghostful A Writer
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My first love was a thief

The Most Accomplished Thief

by ghostful

My first love was a thief

And to this day I believe

That she managed to make off with both the sun and the sky

The sky for those aching baby blue eyes

Or perfect liquid silver hues

And the sun for that smile

The one that lights up her entire face

And mine

My first love stole so much from me

She tore the breathe from my lungs

Stole kisses from my lips

Took my heart and made it beat so erratically

Took it right off my sleeve and stitched it to her own

My first love was the one to capture my vision of the world

To take my hand and run

Whisking me away until

Every little pointless thing faded away

Falling for her was like letting go

She stole from me the world I knew

And made it into something beautiful

So that every day was gushing with life

And glowed in the same way her eyes did

My first love was such an accomplished thief

That even after months and months without her

She still has a piece of my heart

But that's ok...

She may of been a thief

But I would've given her all of those things for free

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