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ghostful A Writer
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Regrets that are quiet and haunting


by ghostful

The girl I used to know feels oceans away

So when I conjure her to my mind She is transparent

And as I look straight through her I want to reach out

To grasp onto something


... that will bring me closer to her again

But no matter how much I cry over this girl

No matter how much I grieve

She never comes back to me

But instead taunts me everyday

Tortures me for the countless mistakes I have made

And all the regrets that sit so heavy upon my chest

Sometimes when I think of her... I can't breathe

It's funny....

I never died...

But this girl

... This ghostlike reminiscence... is me

And now I am but a empty shell for her merciless wailings

Her grief a sharp scratching ache

Her icy fingers constantly pinching at the numbness of my skin

I don't want to feel her anymore

I don't know her anymore

But it's been months and I still feel like I'm walking

around a cemetery of all the things I've said and done

And this girl who used to be me... now so far removed

Is my ghost...

And I have become a vessel

Of my own grief

And I want to know... when will it be time..?

To give up the ghost

And start living again

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