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poetry written for the sake of being written


It was effortless to be who I wasn't

For so long and so often

Like an outfit that was too tight under the arms

But I ignored it's discomfort

And quietly resigned into submission

I want to look good

I want to feel good

I want to be better

I used to believe that it was fool proof

To say things that I didn't mean

For so many sentences

And paragraphs

Like a book that was written by a ghost writer

Whose name I've forgotten

But whose praise resides in the ear of another

I want to sound good

I want to feel good

I want to be better

It's hardy and tough to see

That people don't like people

For the sake of being people

And that people don't like themselves

For the sake of being themselves

And that all the little pieces of one another

Get washed away into a blur of discomfort

A book without a voice

Because what we all want is to be better

For the sake of being better

For the sake of not being ourselves

To look good, to sound good

To feel good

But I am no better

I am pluto

And I am drifting away

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