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the price of progress

One Million Hits

by ghostful

The world thinks I've gone insane Little do they know about the bugs in my brain

They furrow inside and feed on my thoughts They see me, they hear me, I am caught

They followed me home from work one day Stood on the pavement, and there they stayed

Watching me, taunting me with eyes like razors I shut the curtain before my courage could waver

A few days later I found them at the grocery store They all stood clustered around the automated door

I knew it was them and my lungs filled with air They were waiting for me, they knew I was scared

The shop assistant didn't believe anything I had to say But eventually was forced to led me out the back way

As I picked my way through the alley, my legs began to shake Scared to turn a corner and have it be the last step I take

After that I didn't leave the house for days Finding myself falling into a hysterical craze

Closed all my accounts, closed my blinds, closed my eyes I let the days slip by The phone rang, the door banged But I did not stir

I went frigid, like a cat left out in the snow But I wasn't dead yet little did they know

I shut off my laptop and my phone, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep I sat alone

On the fourth day of isolation came the sound Of egg shells shattering upon the side of my house

It was what dragged me from my steady decline Guided me to have my first peek outside

They were all there, the entire Facebook group Phones in hands, hoping to get a better look

They shouted and cursed at me from the street, their voices picking up a heavy beat It throbbed against my temples, I had to step away

They were here for one thing, to make me pay

I staggered to my laptop, it came to life in my hands I searched my name on Twitter, Facebook, even Instagram


The comments poured in, 100's upon 100's, too many to count All of them tagging my old account

I was over, but yet they still wanted more Something to post online, a bigger viewing score

So I stepped outside with all the courage I had left And stopped in the middle of them, heart pounding in my chest

That afternoon they stole a voice from me Left on the pavement, a realization came over me The true horrors were yet to come I was about to become someone

A character in a story I didn't create, lying in the hands of those who filmed my fate And on the internet I would remain Welcome to my newfound fame

I could already see the video titles Blinking back at me across a hundred screens

"I defaced disgusting internet troll *NOT CLICKBAIT*" "I was apart of the Joel Kilburn protest *NOT CLICKBAIT*"

A hundred views per punch

One million hits

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