ghostfulWhat I feel is what you get
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by ghostful

When I was small

No one explained to me

The trials and errors of love

And all its deformities

So when I reached my teenage years

I was burdened with this sense

That love was compassion

That love was full and unconditional

That it was fair and right

But by the time I reached eighteen

All I had seen

Was love dashed in hate

Tears thick like paint

And lies upon lies

Upon lies

Restlessly my younger self had yearned

For a love that was pure

And now

I've learnt that love is this

Tarnished thing

I am fearful of its soothing touch

It's misleading looks

But although my view on love now

Is very much misguided

And tainted with bitter memories

I hope that one day

I can learn to trust in love again

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ghostfulWhat I feel is what you get
10 months ago
Are these feelings wrong?

ghostfulWhat I feel is what you get
10 months ago

ghostfulWhat I feel is what you get
10 months ago
The Wolves
A story to my grandfather...

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
This was well written. Your wording was descriptive. The message was dour and depressing. I will posit that. by your description of love, you have never experienced love. You speak more of dalliance, possession and obsession than love. True love does not hurt until your loved one's departure from life. I hope you will find true love. You are a great poet.

trisarahtopsIf music is the food of love, play on.
10 months agoReply

10 months agoReply
Love doesn't hurt people who don't know how to love hurt you nice work