I Want To Be A Moment
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Here's to the night

I Want To Be A Moment

by ghostful

Wouldn't you like to stay?

The nights not getting any shorter

So when are you coming home?

I've spent my nights pacing after you

And all we've done is walk in circles

Remind me once again where we once stood

Because we used to conquer mountains

And now we're just throwing stones

I want to be a beautiful moment

With you

Because I've never known cold blue

Till I lost myself in you

Broken is the only love I've known

And it's not getting any lonelier

So I want to spend it with you

When I press my keys into my hand

And lock myself up for the night

I'll push my mind into rewind

And conjure up something we used to share

A breathe, a heart break

Nothing but despair

Running down the walls with my fingers I am

Shifting, shading, changing who I am

And when the drink hits my skin

It's not just the taste it's the fears from within

Choking over you. Choking over you

Won't you want to stay?

Too late

I'm already gone

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