How to Exist?
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Just some thoughts

How to Exist?

Sometimes things are just slow

The world moves at such an alarming rate

And time itself hurtles towards our own expiry

But everything is just so darn slow

The things I want to do

The things I want to say

Are merely the breathes we never notice we take

And the number of times we blink with out thinking

It's so easy to feel small and insignificant

Because that's really all life is

A series of small events to make up one whole life

And one day, it will all just be a place on a family tree

or an old photograph

And none of the little things I do or say will matter

But right now they feel like the entire world to me

Is it okay to be afraid of your own existence?

Because sometimes I am awfully afraid of mine

But still, it drags on and on and then some more

And never stops and waits for me to catch up

But i'm hoping that someday, if I keep working on all the small things

It'll mean something as big as it means to be alive

But what happens if I fail...

And I make it to the end with barely a breathe

Barely a blink in time

I'm scared of existing for the sake of not-existing

Of purpose and interpretation of what it all means

I guess, just as long as the journey means something to me

I'll have known what it means to be alive

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