Here's Some Truth
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I wasn't sure whether to properly publish this...

Here's Some Truth

by ghostful

You always tell me I'm overreacting

Like the way my heart throbs is theatrical

That the tears running train tracks down my cheeks

Don't mean a damn thing

But I have been following these tracks for a while now

And somehow they always lead back

To you

I am tired

Of trying to get you to understand

Why it breaks me in two

When you tell me so indifferently

That you don't love me

If I was made of stone and cement

Then these bullets would glance off me

But I am made of flesh and bone

My heart, so vulnerable to your attacks

Is shot again

But I don't think you will ever truly understand

Because you've never loved someone

Like I've loved you

If you want to know what I'm thinking

I think you're a hand gernade

And I wonder if

You don't know how to love anyone

At all

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