Cigarette Stained City
Cigarette Stained City stories

ghostful A Writer
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I want to move to the city

Cigarette Stained City

by ghostful

I want to memorise the veins of a city

Instead of the ones that indent her hands

And scour over sour blue sky towers

And the shallows of the sea against its ports

Instead of the blue of her eyes when she smiles at me

I want to live in a cigarette stained city

Where in the eyes of its people

I am but a blur

Subways, Busways

A wisp of smoke like fog on the water front

With bars still churning out intoxicated laughter

The throbbing pulse of night

In a city where its laughter

Could not happen to be hers

Where the only thing that will occupy my hands

Is a bus ticket and an old letter

To replace the smoothness of her hands

Fingers glancing over indented veins

Pulsing with life

I want to be lost

In a city who will not only forget me

But will help me forget

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