An Expansion Of Consciousness
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ghostful A Writer
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the feeling of reinvention away from fear

An Expansion Of Consciousness

by ghostful

Soothe me my dear, because I am endlessly worried

My chest stamps out a rapid beat that funnels down into my ribs

And echoes off my bones

My hands tremble ever so slightly

Hold them and hold me

Don't let me forget to breathe

There's something deceitful lurking behind my eyelids

I dare not close my eyes

See for me and help me see what lies ahead

Let me see through your eyes

I am the colour of tenderness

Vulnerable bleached down to the roots

I am the colour of your skin

With your heart patterned against my cheek

I am the colour of your name

With the letters etched across my lips

I am the colour of your eyes

With the soothing presence of your gaze

Unwavering, even when you look away

I am the mix of colours that consume my thoughts

Pigmented fear and false alarms

But I've come to feel like someone else in your arms A greater shade of all my colors combined

I am someone new

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