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ghostengine A journey into madness, either way.
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Strange love found in a strange place.


From the first time we passed its yellowed windows I knew this place was important. But why, I don't think I will ever understand. I do not want to know, but to see her smile again is nirvana.

Carrying her through the threshold to this timeless place she becomes still and quiet, like a startled animal.

I see the emotions shape her features until the calm takes hold and then there she is. My sun, my stars, my love.

I place her down gently into the cracked tiles. Carefully, as to not to shatter this dream. She wanders through the debris strewn floors, as if she does not notice its state of decay.

Finally at peace with her surroundings. I can barely see her through the darkness as she walks softly through the hallway, dust scattering with each step.

Stopping abruptly, she speaks to me in a voice I have yearned to hear again. "I like this place". My eyes widen with each word, my mouth agape. "I think it likes me too".

I do not reply. I do not have any words to speak about this change in her that she would understand, so I remain quiet. My insides alight with the creatures taking flight within it.

She continues towards the back of the house so I follow slowly. Tracing her footsteps in the dirt with my own.

The further she goes, the less dusk-light shines through the half-boarded sills and I become more accustomed to it's absence.

She sits at a three-legged dining table as if it were her own. With years of use, caked in soot instead of coffee stains. The aged stool cracking under her frame.

"Let's pretend" She whispers, taking my hand into hers. My chest tightens. "Let's pretend, this house is ours"

Her smile becomes an event horizon, I cannot look away. "And you..." She rises from her seat and pierces my eyes with hers, to my soul.

"...Are my husband" Breaking our held hands, she turns away and braces at the bottom of the staircase.

"Let's pretend".

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