A Way To Calm An Angry Beanie
A Way To Calm An Angry Beanie stray kids stories

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In which Seungmin slips on the (still wet) floor and bumps into a grumpy Changbin, spilling his water on him.
Inspired by the quote “Lix I made a mess” (but it’s not Felix it’s Changbin)

A Way To Calm An Angry Beanie

Today, the JYP staff had recently cleaned the floors of the studio rooms for the bands. Their shoes would usually pick up the dirt and dust on the floor and make them more likely to slide, and possibly get hurt, so it was nice that the staff did this for them.

For the Stray Kids members, their practice started fairly early today. (Ok but this picture <333)

Changbin sighed, seeing that the hardwood floor still hadn’t dried completely, meaning they’d have to wait for practice to begin. He looked over to Jeongin who was suggesting that the members all take towels and “dry the floor ourselves” to Chan. Chan shook his head, as he didn’t want everyone wasting their energy.

Changbin knew that even though it was a good idea, the leader was right. They all couldn’t be using up energy, since they were recording today. Swapping to his sneakers, he placed his other shoes in his bag and lifted himself up on the counter, doing a head count.

There was Felix over by the mirror fooling around with Jisung who was on Snapchat messing with weird filters...

Jeongin and Chan right by him, talking about how long it would take for the floor to dry. Changbin had heard Jeongin say, and he quotes: “Fine... I’ll dry it myself.” And he saw Chan take the youngest’s arm, holding in a laugh from the movie reference.

Hyunjin was off stretching with Minho... That was 7. So where was Seungmin?

“Hey, Chan hyung, you seen Seungmin at all?” He nudged the leader and he nodded.

“Yeah, he said he had to grab a couple things, and someone wanted to chat with him for a second. He’ll be here in a bit.” The oldest replied, still struggling with a now angry Jeongin.

Changbin huffed, feeling his anger building up. First the floor, and now they had to wait for Seungmin? This was wasting their time! He was snapped out of his thoughts by the door opening and someone calling “Sorry, I had to talk to someone, I didn’t miss anything right?”

Dandy boy Seungmin, Changbin hummed in his mind.

“Nope! We’re waiting for the floor to dry so we can start practice.” Felix chimed, giving a quick wave. Seungmin nodded, and set his stuff down by the door, holding a cup of water in his hand still.

Changbin, not paying attention anymore since he was tired and feeling a bit annoyed, got up but collided with something-

Well, someone.

Seungmin tried to grab onto the ledge of the countertop but his hand slipped, and he threw his hands back instinctively, accidentally throwing the water cup in the air, and unfortunately- On Changbin’s shirt. He fell to the ground with a loud thud, his hands doing nothing to help, and his head hitting the floor.

Changbin snapped. He looked down at Seungmin, who was trying to sit up already. “Could you, I dunno, watch it!?” He exclaimed. “That’s another damn thing we have to wait for now, my shirt to dry!”

Seungmin looked up at him surprised. “I-I’m sorry...”

“We can’t have you continue to hold us up, either you should pay attention more so nothing like this happens again, or you just don’t come to practice at all.” Changbin growled, ignoring the apology.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the two. Seungmin kept a neutral face, not trying to start any quarrel with his hyung.

He knew how each of his members worked, when they were having a rough day. Minho usually liked to be left alone, while Felix would want to talk to someone about his day, and usually end up falling asleep with that person. Whoever it was would either be excited or not to be wrapped in one of his Koala hugs.

For Changbin, some kind of physical interaction would help him calm down from being angered. And talking back to him never helped at all. Seungmin would always hug Changbin if he was upset, even if it wasn’t his own conversation to be involved in, Seungmin also knew that he’d appreciate the hug after not getting a lot of sleep last night.

Seungmin got up shakily, wincing at the pain in his head and his tailbone, and wrapped his arms around an almost fuming Changbin. The older realized his outburst and relaxed, resting his head on the taller’s shoulder.

“Sorry Min...” he mumbled. Seungmin just kept rubbing his back, humming some song he made up. Changbin let out a breath and Seungmin finally said something.

“Thank you.”

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