⋅ | Table of context | ⋅ ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ -Pg 1-2 disclaimers -Pg 3-8 'The falling' -Pg 9-11 'The door' -Pg 12-20 'The thing' -Pg 21-22 'Euphoria' 'Back to life -Pg 23-27 'Ironicy' -Pg 28+ (TL/D/R)
       ⋅    |  Table of context |   ⋅
-Pg 1-2 disclaimers 
-Pg 3-8 'The falling'
-Pg 9-11 'The door'
-Pg 12-20 'The thing'
-Pg 21-22 'Euphoria' 'Back to life
-Pg 23-27 'Ironicy'
-Pg 28+ (TL/D/R)
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ghostache Over Dramatic/Detailed Bad Writer.
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If you like fun stupid reading then this is the dumbass place for you. This story is a random bamboozled mixture of over dramatic wording for simple situations, and over detailing for the people who love a little bit of *spice*. Well buckle your seat belts cause you're about to read a story of a dumbass with the memory of a gold fish making their way to the living room. This story is a mashup of all the stupid shit you don't need in life. Get ready for a suspenseful thriller read and pay attention because this story really fucked me up.

⋅ | Table of context | ⋅ ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ -Pg 1-2 disclaimers -Pg 3-8 'The falling' -Pg 9-11 'The door' -Pg 12-20 'The thing' -Pg 21-22 'Euphoria' 'Back to life -Pg 23-27 'Ironicy' -Pg 28+ (TL/D/R)

C | ||||||||||||||| * ||||||||||. \ | | | / * ⋅_________ <*> __________⋅ ||/ㅁㅡ|ㅍ|⋅/ \⋅|ㅍ|ㅡㅁ\|| ||⋅ | ;[Welcome to...]; |⋅||_ . ||/ '=ㅡㅡㅡ[ ]ㅡㅡㅡ=' \|| | ||> ]⋅============⋅<||_\ || <⋅|- S.O.S -|⋅> || || ㅁ ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅁ || * __/||]---{⋅ 'Stupidly' ⋅}---[||\__ [| ||---{ Over-Detailing ⋅}----||] [| ||---{⋅ 'Short' Stories ⋅}----||]

.:+*The 'Dream'*+:. __________________________________ *Disclaimer pt1* This story includes a decent amount of gore, and is incredibly suspenseful. This story also includes many details and excessive amount of adjectives. [Pg.1]

.:+*The 'Dream'*+:. __________________________________ *Disclaimer pt 2* I'm no professional writer by far, and i'm simply doing this for my own enjoyment. If you don't like stretched storylines or over detailed paragraphs this is not for you. If you don't feel like reading/it isn't interesting there is a TL/DR at the bottom Now onto the Story... [Pg.2]

|| The Falling pt.1|| __________________________________ I had a dream this morning where I woke up like usual and sat In bed. It seemed incredibly realistic and I almost thought it was real. I knew it was only a dream because there was a faint bluish white light seeping into my darkened room from a sliver of a crack in my bedroom doorway. There wouldn’t be any light if it weren’t a dream. [pg.3]

|| The Falling pt.2|| __________________________________ It would be shadowy and peaceful like a normal night should be. I stepped out of bed painfully slowly, stretching my ever so stiff limbs in the process. It felt as if I had been in a slumber for decades, maybe even centuries, slowly sinking deeper into the pillowy mattress enveloping my bed. [Pg4]

|| The Falling pt.3|| __________________________________ I stepped down again, and felt the sheer, icy cold, hardwood flooring causing an unpredicted shiver to run throughout my tiresome figure. Quickly and drastically, because of the ever so recent drowsiness, the electrifying shock caused me to plunge to the dreadful below. [Pg.5]

|| The Falling pt.4|| __________________________________ As if time and gravity was in a slow motion frequency, I watched as the world around me leisurely spiraled as I plummeted to the impending doom known as my bedroom floor. Before hitting the solid ground, I stepped forth with great reflex and put an end to the doom I almost threatened myself to. [Pg.6]

|| The Falling pt.5|| __________________________________ The potential threat hardly a few centimeters below my tiresome face burned shadowy crevices into my mind as a reminder of how I almost met my demise. My chest heaved, rising and falling like a fireplace below giving life to a tremendous flame. [Pg.7]

|| The Falling pt.6|| __________________________________ Blood rushed to my pounding head as I cried to myself in relief. Partially hyperventilating; I stood up straight again, and continued my troublesome journey to the white wooden door. [Pg.8]

|| The Door pt.1 || __________________________________ The rest of the ‘tremendous’ journey was easy, as I only needed to navigate through a few mounted obstacles. I had made it to the door which bluish light filtered out of, but the trip was far from over. I reached for the handle ready for whatever the light was, however, suddenly I abruptly stopped. [Pg.9]

|| The Door pt.2 || __________________________________ 'What the heck, what was that sickening pressure?' I rigidly pondered nervously. It felt as if there were thousands; no, millions of eyes staring right at me through the white wooden door. They were sharp eyes; no that’s not it; they were dangerous eyes. Intimidating, monstrous, bloodlusting eyes. [Pg.10]

|| The Door pt.3 || __________________________________A suffocating pressure overwhelmed my body as I reached for the door causing my thoughts to whirl like a powerful typhoon. My hand shuddered as I trailed along the golden rim for the bedroom door’s cold, metallic, knob. [Pg.9]

|| The Door pt.4 || __________________________________Vigorously shaking the anxious thoughts from my troubled mind, I intensely shivered as I firmly grasped the icy gold projection. I knew I would unbar the fastened door. I knew, and was sure I would find the thing; the monster; the mysteriously ominous creature that was only on the other side of the shield right before my very eyes. [Pg.10]

|| The Door pt.5 || __________________________________The golden knob silently rotated until I felt a faint click notioning how the door was ready to open, and then, the ominous gateway precluded to what could only be considered hell by anyone in the same position as I was. [Pg.11]

|| The 'Thing' pt.1|| __________________________________The bluish white light got brighter as the door creaked open. So bright I was overwhelmed with a blinding white glow. But as if an immense shadow had fallen upon our world, everything turned black like a formally lit star, and a slight distant wail echoed and cried through the shadowy premise. [Pg.12]

|| The 'Thing' pt.2|| __________________________________There wasn’t even a hint of the bluish white light. I could only see the slighty browned discoloration of the bitterly numbing floor below me, which I then used to navigate through the ashy, coal-like smog. Not even five steps; no, not even three steps forth from my room, I felt them. The blades. [Pg.13]

|| The 'Thing' pt.3|| __________________________________ I heard them too. Not the blades this time , but the snarling monster raking its claws into my ankles. I tumbled painfully to the floor and let out a blood curdling scream. It circled back again and sliced my arms with its long, sharp, talons this time. [Pg.14]

|| The 'Thing' pt.4|| __________________________________ Blood trickled out of my reddened, fractured skin and quickly formed a small crimson stream pouring out onto the ground. I felt nauseous. The suffocating pressure infiltrated my lungs once again, making it painfully difficult to breathe. [Pg.15]

|| The 'Thing' pt.5|| __________________________________ The painful gashes on my ankles and arms slowly swelling caused me to cry out again. The slice wounds inflated with a rosy hue, however I wasn’t paying attention to the piercing pain anymore. [Pg.16]

|| The 'Thing' pt.6|| __________________________________ I hurriedly tried to scramble to my feet so I could have a quickened escape, but I fell again as the wounds on my ankles let out an agonizing spike of heat. ‘This really is the end.’ I had thought as I became aware of the devastating situation. [Pg.18]

|| The 'Thing' pt.7|| __________________________________ It wasn’t the end when I fell to my room's flooring, nor when I felt the impending, abrupt pressure on the other side of my bedroom door. It wasnt even as I was swiftly sliced and shredded by the creatures deathly talons. [Pg.19]

|| The 'Thing' pt.8|| __________________________________ That was besides the point though, it was here and now. I was going to lose, and I had nothing left I could do except realize there was no way I could even think to survive the imminent demise approaching me. My senses were restricted, and I could no longer feel the pain rushing through my limbs. [Pg.19]

|| The 'Thing' pt.9|| __________________________________ The monster triumphantly strode to my half-deceased corpse, and stared fiery cavities into what I thought were my eyes. An intense bright emerald green, and barely a sliver of a pupil stared into my mind as if they were glowing orbs of nothingness lighting up the dark shadowy smog. [Pg.20]

|| Back To Life || __________________________________ Everything came back to me all at once. My senses, the horrible electrifying pain raking through my limbs, and the nightmare inducing horror that had been ingrained into my tremerous mind. But as if none of the nightmarish pain was even there to begin with, my body was relieved of the torture. [Pg. 21]

|| Euphoria || __________________________________ For what seemed like hours had had passed by in seconds. Everything was dead silent, like an empty room with just enough space for a single bed. The ashy black shadows which had once engulfed the world like the deadly force of a black hole, were slowly and fading into a single, angelic, golden-white radiance. [Pg.22]

|| Ironicy pt.1 || __________________________________ Soon, the softened luminosity filtered through my eyelids as I lay on the hallways flooring. The fresh aroma of a stereotypical morning-made breakfast drifted throughout the room like a fresh current of wind flowing through a field of freshly bloomed flowers. [Pg.23]

|| Ironicy pt.2 || __________________________________ 'Why are you laying on the floor; idiot?' a slightly smooth-ish voice vocalized from above my half-conscious, somnolent corpse. I had almost let out a pathetic weak chuckle, forgetting I was still on the hallway flooring, not even three feet from my bedroom door. [Pg.24]

|| Ironicy pt.3 || __________________________________ 'I had a dream where I woke up like usual and sat in bed. It seemed weirdly incredibly convincing and I almost thought it was real life. I must have unconsciously walked here during the night. Nothing too unusual.' I managed to squeak out as I tried to suppress a slight hint of laughter. [Pg.25]

|| Ironicy pt.4 || __________________________________ 'Weird.' The polished voice remarked after making a face of pure disgust. Unfortunately, I just couldn't suppress a smirk as I had recently figured out the source of the pain inducing voice was my brother. He quickly stepped over me and made his way to the kitchen where where the food awaited our arrival. [Pg.26]

|| Ironicy pt.5 || __________________________________ I sorely got up from the slightly warmed floor, painfully stretching my stiffened limbs in the process. I followed close behind my brother tracing his every step. If I'm being completely honest, it's hilariously almost ironic in a fun way. 'How?' You may ask, well, it's quite simple my darling~ [Pg.27]

-| Ironicy pt.6 | The End |- __________________________________ I didn't feel the slight cuts on my limbs, see the slight crimson that stained the floor, not even three feet from my bedroom door. But most of all, I had not felt the glowing green eyes with not even a sliver of a pupil that had once stared into my shaken mind, from the premise of my cat's shadow-like fur. [Extras & TL/DR || Pg.28]

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