what did you think?
what did you think? free verse stories
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ghost the holiest words oft go unspoken
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love stories aren't modern

what did you think?

this heart is more of a feeling than a beat

a rhyme with no rhythm

a rhythm with no sound

a rhythm, a rhyme,

the rind of the lemons

from the tree out back,

rotten, brown, stagnant

on the countertop gathering dust

there's a dragon somewhere in there

a small thing, pygmy, pointed,

poignant and precise,

restless, fluttering, thundering

but only ever at your touch

you saw this pygmy, this meek little thing,

you saw her and smiled and

picked her up in one hand

and stole her away, safe to your breast,

warming her with your flames and

vast thunder, ash falling rain,

passion in your breath.

she fits to your chest like hands,

like lips, like words in flow and ebb;

seamless. there are no loose threads.

we have a heartbeat for each other.

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