The man in the mirror.
The man in the mirror. sadness stories

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Just a metaphor in a story.

The man in the mirror.

A young boy named Tom is about 16 years old approaches a mirror. His face seems gloomy and on the edge of tears to expect; Tom locks the door and begins to cry on the sink counter.

A man inside the mirror knocks on the glass. The boy pauses and mustered up a voice to speak "Hey it's me again." Tom spoke into the mirror and a man who seemed 9 years older than he appeared.

"What's up, man?" The man in the mirror replied. "I... I... (Tom began to tear up once more) I used to have many friends, but now I left them behind.

I feel alone, and I know they are still there for me. I.. It just I don't know how to say anything." Tom cried as he finished, but the man instructed him to wipe the tears.

"Hey, hey, the kid now I.. I know how it feels. Just listen okay (Tom shakes his head) you won't have the same friends as you get past high school.

Trust me I saw my friends and family disappear within my grasp. I never saw my brother grow up nor did I ever go to my sisters game." (The man stopped and stood there staring at the ground.

) Tom stood there conflicted, but reflecting, and he spoke "Ho.

How did you handle it? Aren't you lonely? Did you see a doctor, or I don't know what did you do?" The man looked up through the tears is a smile.

"I made up the lost time by starting my own family. I watched every single one of my kids game. I was there when my wife graduated." Tom broke the silence and pondered into the moment "I..

I don't know how I feel I just feel sad..." The man replied with "Is that how you feel?" Tom fiddling with his thumb looked up and replied "It's just how I feel.

I stare at the photos of my first date to my first touch past my baby photographs. I miss my brother and my sister. They.. The.. I close my eyes and I can see them still here.

" A hand tapped on the mirror, and it was the man putting his hand into a fist and raising his thumb and pinky while shaking it back and forth. Tom begins to smile and a thought came to him.

"I.. I got it I know what I am going to do now! Thank you I really needed you today and you delivered.

I know it must be hard when you went through the pain, but I know I will make it too! Thank you again..

Is there anything you want to say?" The man spoke once more "Just remember to keep fighting.

You are going to be alone for the time to come, but you'll find some people who will be there for you. Well, eventually you well.

" (The man begin to chuckle) Tom smiled and ran off to scavenge for his phone. The man in the mirror stood there and spoke one more time. "I know you will keep fighting kid.

Well, I know you won't give in either because I'll be there every step of the way." The man disappeared from the mirror as if he was never there.

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