Lost but Found Chapter 2
Lost but Found Chapter 2 teen stories

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This is the second chapter in the book I’m writing. I would recommend reading the first chapter before this one in order for it to make more sense.

Lost but Found Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Asher

"Aaaaahhhhh!" I had had a mild headache all day, but I had ignored it. I never get headaches and I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so for me to crawl into a ball on the ground in agony was not normal.

I was just walking home from my job at the store, and waiting for the subway, when it felt as if something was tearing through my brain. My vision became black, then a piercing white.

It was all I could do not to let out another scream.

"Hey! You alright man? Come on bud snap out of it. People are starting to stare." It was my friend Roland. He was shaking me. We had been friends since birth and he knows me better than anyone.

He knows this isn't right. I let out another moan of pain. Suddenly a name popped into my head Cailen Jones please re...

What the hell was that? My pain started to fade to a dull headache once again and my vision turned to normal.

I looked around me, bewildered. I was surrounded by a bunch of people gaping at me curiously, while some of them looked a bit frightened.

I began to sit up and Roland helped me to my feet, "Nothin to see here folks!" he shouted at the crowd, "My man just had a bit of a panic attack that's all!

" But once again I gripped my head as pain tore through my skull. I saw a few soldiers begin to walk over. Oh man, I'm not ready to die.

"Rol... I'm gonna need you to help me move... arrrrgh... We have to get out of here." I said through gritted teeth.

"Okay Asher. But I can't fully carry you, you're gonna have to walk a bit on your own here. Come on buddy." he said as he put my arm over his shoulders to support my weight.

Okay, you've got this. Deep breaths in and out. In and out and one step in front of the other. I glanced over at the soldiers.

They were still walking over to us and one of them was talking into his mic with a frustrated look on his face. Then they looked over at me again.

I didn't know what to do so I tried to give them a relaxed smile and wave. I don't think it worked.

The officers started to jog over to where we were. I'm pretty sure that Roland saw them too, because he began pulling me forward in a panic.

Finally, my head returned to normal and I could once again stand on my own. I looked over at Roland, and we started to run.

We dodged through surprised pedestrians and looked for a way out or a place to hide. It was too late. The soldiers were practically on top of us.

I wouldn't be able to keep going much longer before another "headache" hit me.

"Roland, you have to go on your own. They don't want you and I can't put you in danger like this."

"What no! Come on, we can do this, we just need to find a place to hide. It'll be fine."

"Seriously, go. I can't continue much longer," I began to push him away, "And I don't know why this is important, but remember the name Calien Jones. I think this is somehow connected to her. Now go!"

"I'll come and get you Ash, okay? And I'll find Calien, don't worry I got you." Then Roland ran away, weaving through the crowds of people.

I stopped and looked behind me to see the soldiers already pulling out handcuffs and guns.

"Don't you dare move. We sure aren't going to lose both of you today." said one of the soldiers. His face vaguely resembled a hippo and I smiled to myself. I can be amused at some of the worst times. "Aye! Don't smirk at me! We got you and you know it!" Hippo-face said as he roughly pulled on my arms to chain my wrists.

"Sorry, but has anyone told you your face looks like a hippo? Because that is literally all I see when I look at you." Dammit Asher, try to control what comes out of your mouth for once.

Hippo-face snarled at me and pulled out his gun. "No, no one has has ever told me that before, but thank you so much for informing me.”

His voice was icey and it took all my willpower to not look away from the death stare that he was giving me. He pointed the gun at me and his disturbing smile grew wider.

He turned to the only woman in the group and raised his eyebrows as if asking permission to shoot me.

"Aww so you can't just shoot me on your own. You have to make sure it's okay first, how sweet. I didn't peg you for being such a rule follower.”

Okay, so at this point I was just so irritated and the pain was starting to reenter my head that I didn't even care anymore.

I knew I was going to get shot anyway, and the way that he looked at me just made me want to annoy him even more.

My eyes moved to the gun in his hand. It didn't look like a normal one. Maybe this one wouldn't kill me. Maybe it would just knock me out for a bit. I could handle that, so I kept talking.

"You know, I'm amazed with your willpower. The fact that you haven't shot me yet just contradicts your face.

Between the beady little eyes and long snout-- I mean nose-- you really seem like the kind of man who does before thinking. Like seriously, how am I still talking right n--" Okay, yup he shot me.

Everything began to fade away and I felt someone unceremoniously pick me up and sling me over their shoulder. My heartbeat grew loud in my ears and everything went black. Then I saw something.

I was on top of a building. Wait, no, I was climbing out of a window. I felt the wind whipping my long hair back and forth. Hold up, I don't have long hair.

Um, what is happening? I'm balancing on a window sill, no that's not right, I'm seeing through somebody else's eyes as they balance on a window sill.

They look over at a pipe and try to grab it, but it is too far away.

I feel a need to help this person. I remember that my little brother used to be scared to jump into the lake so, to help him, I would count down to 3.

On the count of 3 I told this mystery person 1... 2... 3... I, I mean they, jumped. Okay, so that was scary. Luckily they didn't fall to their death and instead managed to grab onto the pipe.

As they climbed down, I began to put two and two together. I had passed out from something they shot at me.

The officers had chased me down because I had a killer headache, and Roland had left on a search to find someone named Calien. Wait, something clicked.

I think I'm seeing things from Cailen's perspective. Whoever she is, somehow I am inside her head.

I focus back on what is happening. She is running. People are chasing her. The people chasing her are like the guys who got me at the subway.

Okay something messed up has happened with both of us.

Why are these soldiers so determined to get us? I feel her running and I don't know how she hasn't stopped to catch her breath yet, she must be exhausted.

I find myself silently rooting for who I think is Cailen.

She has made it into the woods and continues to run. She stumbles over roots and runs into branches, but she just keeps going, probably out of fear. Soon my vision starts to fade.

I can feel that she has slowed down and is about to stop running, but I can no longer see the woods. I am back in my own body and it takes time to figure out my surroundings.

I feel a cold floor underneath me and hear people talking nearby.

"We lost the girl, but I think we should be able to find her through the boy. They are probably even communicating with each other right now," it's a woman's voice and she sounds frustrated.

"I can take care of the boy, I'm sure he will tell me her location eventually," I recognized Hippo-face's voice. Great, he sounds way too eager to "take care of me."

"Okay, but you can't kill him. We need them both alive. Since we only have a limited number of them."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Just out of curiosity, when do you think he will wake up?"

"Oh, he'll be up shortly, but let's leave him for a bit anyway, so he will be fully alert when you talk to him." Hippo-face said something that I couldn't hear and I listened to them walk away.

This is bad. I need to find a way out of here, but I don't even know where "here" is.

Looking around me I could only see boring gray stone and a small barred up window looking out onto a hallway. That must be how I was able to hear them.

There was literally nothing in the room, or I guess the cell. I was about to stand up and see if I could find anything hidden, but a voice entered my head.

Hello? Who are you? Why are you in my mind? Please answer if you can hear me. Part of me was surprised, but another part of me honestly had been expecting it.

I mean why not be able to communicate with a random person through my head? This day has been so weird already that I'm pretty sure I could never be surprised again.

I answered the voice, Hey, yes I can hear you. My name is Asher. Who are you? I'm not sure if it worked or if I just totally failed and didn't actually respond to her.

Luckily, she answered before I tried to send her a message again.

I'm Calien. Obviously something strange is going on. We need to talk.

Thanks for reading all of this! If you made it this far please comment what you thought about it!

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