The Chosen One:Chapter 8 The Past is in the Past
The Chosen One:Chapter 8 The Past is in the Past queen of the damned stories
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Chapter 8: The Past is In the Past. Raina's POV...

The Chosen One:Chapter 8 The Past is in the Past

Chapter 8: The Past is In the Past.

Raina's POV...

The vampire looks uncertain, confused maybe. He stands and leaves me, going into the kitchen. I didn't mean to act so bitchy before, but a minute there I thought he was going to suck me dry.

He may be harboring hurt feelings, after all I locked him out. I had to trust him a little more. Besides, he let me go out to my job. Not alone, but hey beggars can't be choosers.

He opens the fridge and exhales. ''Damn, I forgot to stock the fridge, you must be starving. ''

''I ate on the way to work. ''I say, ''no worries. ''

''That was hours ago, and I don't have dinner for you. I should have bought more food.''

I shrugged. ''I guess I will do without. ''

He simply rolls his eyes and flits out the door not before locking it for good measure. Not that I would leave anyway.

He put his vampy spell on me and without him saying so I would not be able to open the door.

I will never get used to this arrangement of ours. I suddenly felt my heart ache. A feeling of being abandoned came over me so fast that it hit me like a truck.

Oh God, not again! The past was affecting me so badly right now. I hate my past.

I tried to stay calm as I paced the floor. He was possessive and demanding, but he did care for me enough to follow and walked me home. Now he was out getting food for me.

I knew now he was not really a selfish kind of guy. He thought about others needs besides himself.

Will he come back to me tonight? Some part of me doesn't want him to go at all. We did start to get along pretty well. I had to admit we had great chemistry together. We were fire and air.

One could not live without the other. Regarding his possessiveness, I was scared of his wrath then shocked to find out I loved the punishment he dished out.

But that's just fucked up right?

I need to steel myself from his charm because I was way over my head here.

I don't even know what his plans are, kill me, turn me? Maybe a sex slave, I don't know? Why the hell does that prospect turn me on?

I go to the couch and flip on the TV, waiting for him to return to me. An hour goes by and I heard a sudden knock at the door.

''Raina open the door. ''

When I did, I was in a state of shock seeing Lestat carrying several bags of groceries, maybe more.

''Oh, let me help you, ''I say trying to take a bag.

''Don't be ridiculous, ''he says looking over the bags at me in amusement. Damn sexy vampire.

''Oh, what a gentleman you are," When he doesn't respond I asked, ''are there more like you? ''

''I sincerely doubt it. '' He says pushing by me, heading to the kitchen. ''Here put this human food away. ''

Damn demanding vampire. I guess I should be used to it by now. I peer into the first bag and get excited. Wow such a variety of expensive food.

I live a poor life and I had no such luxury as this.

He bought steak, shrimp, scallops. The most expensive ice cream and cake. Organic fruits and vegetables. I felt giddy all over. Food from the deli too!

Even though he ordered me to put away the food he took over and arranged the food like a person with OCD.

He opened the food containers and placed them on the table for me.

''Thank you, Lestat. ''I say with shame that I acted so badly to him earlier.

He was taking good care of me. I did not expect that. As he places the plate and fork at my place at the table, I take time to steal quick glances at his beautiful face.

The way his fangs protruded from his mouth was cute. I always wanted to touch them. But I will never be that bold to ask. Especially when they were meant to scare the crap out of me. Or does it?

I tried to eat in a ladylike manner but soon I wolfed down the food and he raised the eyebrow at me when I clean the plate within minutes.

''Raina, do you want more? By all means, please do.'' He gestured with his hand over the food.

''No, I really shouldn't, I had too much. ''

''Go on, you need it,'' he smirks,'' besides, I wouldn't mind seeing a little meat on your bones. ''

"No, I don't think so, I'm not getting fat because you like it. '' I say as I put my dishes away in the sink.

When I spot the cake and cookies, I changed my mind. Softening my tone, I asked, ''can I try a cookie?''

''Of course, Cherie,'' He says as he continued to watch me eat. It seemed to please him that I was getting all I needed to eat, and I tried not to be annoyed by it.

''Do you have to work tomorrow night? ''He asked.

''No, I have until the weekend, so I'm free for the week. ''I say taking a bite.

''This job is not necessary anymore. I think I'll make you quit this job. ''He says folding his hands on the table.

I half choked. ''No, "in the hardest tone I could manage, he was a vampire after all.

''Raina, I know you love it, but it does not fit into my plans. ''

I swallowed hard my last bite of cookie. ''What plans? ''

He considered me a moment then cocks his head to the side. ''That is for me to know and for you to find out. ''

I sat defeated. Damn vampire makes all the rules, typical. I look down and take another cookie, this time taking it apart and lick the cream from the center.

I close my eyes to savor the sweetness. When I open my eyes, Lestat was looking at me like I was a cookie that he wanted to bite.

''What? ''I asked with a tone of annoyance.

"That's rather cute, I like to see you enjoying your food. I know I do. ''He says as he licks his lips.

I bite back a giggle. Damn it, I'm a shameless flirt. Suddenly, Lestat changes the subject.

''Do you have any family? ''He asked fiddling with the cookie he snatched from the packet.

''No, none at all. ''I say shyly, Not really wanting to talk about it.

''Ah, I understand Cherie, but remember the past is in the past. ''

''My parents died in a car crash; I never found a home. I was never adopted. ''I say sadly.

''Say no more, I see now my little one. ''Lestat says in whisper.

He looks on me with such tenderness and reaches out for my hand. I took it and he strokes my knuckles with his thumb.

I gasped as I look into his eyes, they were glowing yellow for a moment, and I snatched my hand away then ran to my room.

Lestat POV...

I knew the intensity of my gaze scared her, but I did not intend to. She was such a sensitive creature. I could never think bad of her or have an unfavorable opinion of her.

Besides, my good opinion did not matter. Her past meant nothing to me, only her present was before us. And that's what mattered to me anyway.

Her past was a tragic one but so was mine. Who was I to judge her? She need not have anyone's approval. One might as well approve of the air when one breathes or the color of the Sky.

One could not live with one and not the other. Such was Raina. She was the Sky, and the earth, the air and music, sunlight without shadow.

And even though she was the most unaffected girl I'd ever met; she had a deep awe for me that needed to be, no must be dispelled.

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