The Chosen One: Chapter 12 Escaped
The Chosen One: Chapter 12 Escaped queen of the damned stories

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Chapter 12: Escaped. Raina POV...

The Chosen One: Chapter 12 Escaped

Chapter 12: Escaped.

Raina POV...

I pulled away because I was so frightened of him now. The feelings that he made me feel were overwhelming to comprehend.

The pleasure was amazing but the fear that he would go to far stopped me from enjoying it. I can hear my heartbeat pounding from the terror and passion that I had just been through.

Lestat shrank back in regret. He covered his face with both hands and groaned.

"If you had lost control, I'd be dead right now." I say trembling as I stood up.

"I know Raina, I wasn't thinking." He said sadly.

"Let me go, I need to get some fresh air." I say heading towards the door.

He did not answer me but flitted off to his room. But not before I caught a glimpse of his face.

Crimson streams of blood were leaking from his eyes and ran down his face then all I saw was a blur as he disappeared from sight.

When I reached for the knob that feeling came over me of anxiety. I was struggling to place my hand there. It took all my willpower to turn the lock and open the door, but I did it.

The door suddenly creaked open and I dashed out. I didn't look back as I ran with all the force my legs could take. My lungs burned as my bare feet padded down the stairs to the first floor.

Pushing the main entrance doors open, I headed down the street.

Lestat POV...

I lay in my coffin with the lid shut. I choked back the sobs that raked my body harshly. Raina was gone and I knew I was alone. She had more strength and willpower then I first perceived.

My suggestion powers shattered as she pulled the door open.

I could have stopped her, but I was in no mood for a fight or even had the energy to try and convince her to return.

Had I given up? Was the deep bond I thought I shared with her all a lie? I could not focus, and my raging emotions got in the way.

So much that I did not feel the presence that I should have detected right away.


Raina POV...

I wander through the streets of downtown with a terrible anxiety twisting and churning inside of me. I moved as though I was numb. I ached inside from the loss of Lestat's presence.

I did not know how much comfort needing him in my life posed.

Was I hallucinating because I see Lestat everywhere as people pass by? Will he come for me? A huge part of me wanted to return to him as I remembered his calming influence on me.

"Damnit Lestat," I mutter, shading my eyes as I look at the dying sun.

Dusk as fallen, which was good because now he could come for me and if I ever see him again, I was going to yell at him for taking too long.

Lestat POV...

I get up and go to the bathroom and wash my face. Sadly, I watched as the pink water swirls and runs down the drain. Almost blind from my tears I fish for the towel behind me.

"Here my son," Marius says handing me a white towel.

I wiped my blood-stained face clean and gaze down as I stained it with my blood. Just like I had soiled Raina. I was ashamed. I looked up and coming into focus was Marius's concerned face.

"Well fancy seeing you here," I say walking passed him.

I led him out to the living room where I collapsed in the couch from the emotion that created such exhaustion that was so off putting for me.

Can a vampire get tired? Well maybe in the soul they can, and I was feeling it sevenfold as much. Marius came to stand in front of me.

Though he had a look of compassion, I feared what he was about to say.

"My son, you cannot just let the girl go like that. We must find her and bring her back." He said, just as I feared he would.

I scrutinized his face considering his words. He was right after all and I needed to do the right thing. Not that I was a vampire that abided by the rules because I wasn't.

I wanted to go after her because I needed her. However, the feeling that I fucked up loomed over me.

"I know but I have failed to win her heart and make her my mate. What do I do now?" I asked miserably.

"Lestat, you must take her or kill her, you know you must." He says holding out his hand for me to take. "Come, let us find her, and perhaps we can convince her to be one of us."

Thinking on the possibility that she had to be killed to maintain our secret, made me die inside. I revealed too much of our weaknesses and Marius knew this.

He would kill her himself if I did nothing.

"I love her Marius," I say simply.

It was as natural as the blood I needed to survive. I did love her, and I knew now what a fool I was to let her go. I took his offered hand and stood before him.

With all the energy I could muster I flitted behind Marius and together we searched the streets following her scent.

Raina POV...

As I turned the next corner, I felt someone following me. Hope springs up into my soul as I slow down my pace. I needed this moment to happen.

He does love me! The very thought of it send delicious thrills up and down my spine.

I turn and ready myself mentally to greet him. Will he be mad, or he be relieved to see me? Well I decided it did not matter, I would take any punishment he had for me. Maybe I would like it.

Damn sexy vampire. Then it surrounded me, and the presence felt off somehow.

"Well, well, well what do we have here? Lost kitty." Came an unfamiliar voice behind me.

I whirled around and sucked in a breath of surprise as a male and female vampire looks at me up and down. It was obscene as if they were thinking thoughts I rather not think of.

But dinner came to mind.

"Where are you going sweety?" The female says to me.

The female had dark hair and wore way too much make up that I suspected it was to cover up her pale face.

The male had red hair that looked as though his head was on fire, but I knew it must be dyed. It was too red to be natural.

Without missing a beat, I answered bravely. "None of your business cow!"

The female vampire pushes me to the ground, and I go down hard.

I scream as the male vampire was upon me, hoisting me to my feet, he clasped his cool hand over my mouth, instantly silencing my desperate cry.

Then just as I thought I was doomed; I saw a blur and then another. The vampires that had me in their clutches were suddenly attacked. Growls and snarls erupted in the air as the fray began.

I dropped to my hands and knees and scramble to the trash cans nearby to hide. I struggled to make out the figures in the fight and I gasp as I saw Lestat.

He was wrestling with the hold the male vampire had on him. "

Noticing me hiding, Lestat yells "Run Raina, go!"

Just as I turn to run another vampire with blonde hair and red eyes sneaks up and moves so fast I could not follow what happened then,

and the next thing I knew I was flying through the air and I hit the wall with a muffled thud. Gasping for breath I saw it blur right in front of me then it held me by the throat, pinning me.

Pain explodes through my whole being as I am slapped across the face.

"That's cute, you think you can fight me?" He says tightening his grip on my throat. I choke and try and pry his hands from me and despaired as he continues to laugh.

"Raina!" The anguish in Lestat's voice brings me back from almost blacking out.

Just then, my cruel laughing vampire is grabbed by the wrist from behind and the terrible hold on me is gone. Gasping and sputtering for air I crumble to the ground. I was alive!

"You betrayed your kind, Lestat!" The vampire screams and tries to break free of the hold Lestat had around his neck.

Then another vampire steps forward that I have not seen yet from the shadows. He had dark short hair and about the same height as Lestat, wearing a red velvet coat.

"Hold him Lestat. I will take his head.!" The new vampire said.

I witnessed this new vampire move in a blur as if he floated on air. He held a dagger that he produces from his red coat pocket, and slashes at the throat of the enemy vampire.

I stared round eyed at the scene as the head rolls to a stop on the ground.

"Get your mate. I will burn these vampires and scatter the ashes." The new vampire commands Lestat. "Take her home."

"I'm sorry." I say inanely in a small voice.

He wraps his arms around me and lifts me bridal style. "I told you there is worse vampires then me."

I draw in a breath as he takes off flying with me in his arms. As we landed on the balcony, he puts me down and pulls me through the open door and softly closes it behind us.

"I'm so sorry Lestat, I did not mean to just run away. I was scared, I..."

He whirls on his heel and grabs me in an embrace. My gaze snaps up at him in surprise, my heart leaping. He forgives me!"Please," I begin to say as his fangs came down to my breast.

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