The Chosen One: Chapter 11:Temptation
The Chosen One: Chapter 11:Temptation  queen of the damned stories

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Chapter 11: Temptation, Lestat POV...

The Chosen One: Chapter 11:Temptation

Chapter 11: Temptation,

Lestat POV...

I sit at the table watching her eat. Why humans must consume such junk is beyond me. In my day food was not processed like it is today and it was fresh.

I stopped her from eating the bag of chips she was having because dinner was coming up and I did not want her to spoil her appetite.

"So, you're going to make me dinner?" She asked with disbelief laced in her voice.

"Yes, in a little while I will start it."

She squealed with delight and rushed towards me throwing her arms about me. Raina kissed me on the cheek with feeling.

I sat rooted to the spot. I was not expecting that. Was she warming up to me? Hope soared through my soul.

"Why do you want to cook for me?" She asked getting her dishes from the cabinets and set the table.

Smiling, I cross my arms over my chest and lean back in the chair. I regarded her a moment and then said.

"I find it fascinating that you even like it in the first place and I do like it that I'm getting you what you need, call it instinct."

She hastened a glance at me as she got her silverware from the drawer then brought it to the table. Sitting down she asked me, "So, what are we doing this evening master?"

My mouth twitches into a broad grin. So, baby likes to play. I'm not really into all that kinky crap but master seems appropriate somehow, but I wanted a mate not a servant.

"So, you see me as a god or something, huh?"

Suddenly, she starts grinning and it just floors me. I think she is growing more at ease with me. I was ecstatic, so happy it makes me giddy. It seems to me my plan is working.

Could she be falling for me? But as my smile gets bigger, she throws a napkin at me playfully. Then suddenly the doorbell rings. "Go and answer it," I say fully knowing that it was for her.

I flit to the bedroom and close the door. Inside I listen as the mailman gave her the package that I had ordered for her. Oh, I hope she will be surprised.

"Come out come out wherever you are?" I heard her call. It made me chuckle because I used that phase to call out the vampires.

I dash into the room and grab her rear and cup her breast. I pull her to me flush and she shrieks and wiggles trying to get free from my grasp.

"Get away from me vampire!" She cries and wrestles free.

I let her go and follow her the bedroom where she fled from me. She might pretend she doesn't want me, but I knew better than to believe that. I love making her feel uncomfortable.

It pleases me to see her reaction. The flushing of her cheeks and the violet eyes that flash with such indignation had me all excited inside.

"Go open the package, it's for you." I say.

She came out of the bathroom with a look of suspicion on her face but shrugs.

I followed her as she goes back and picks up the box then heads to the kitchen where she slices it open with a kitchen knife.

"What is this...?" She says as she holds up a plastic bag containing a black corset set with a pair of knee-high stockings. "What are these?"

I smirk at her. "I'm an old fashion guy and under garments from the past is very sexy. Even more so then this day and age."

She shoots me look of annoyance.

She scoffs. "I hope they're for you."

I make a show of eyeing her up and down. "Well you know they are kind of for me, but I'm not wearing them, you are." I say smoothly like a drop of honey. She frowns at me.

"Well, I won't force you to wear them, but you will if you want to please me."

She tosses them to me. "When pigs have wings!"

I catch the hurled items and take them out of the package. Then I hold them up to her form judging the style I had chosen for her.

"Stop it, Lestat!"

Awe, she's gorgeous when she blushes. I flit over to her and stand behind her trailing my fingers across her shoulders.

"Come on, Raina, you know you want to. Females can't resist new clothes."

Heat rises from her body in waves and the sensation of it is heady as it wafts on my cool skin. If a human only knew the effect they could have on us we'd be in trouble.

My fangs drop longer, and I had to close my eyes. She was amazing and so sweet.

I waited for the rejection that was sure to come but unexpectedly she turns and faces me, inching impossibly closer, as if I were a magnet pulling her to me.

I wrap my hand around her head and kiss her, my tongue sliding into her mouth. I shamelessly purr in my chest and moaned in her mouth at the same time.

I desired this moment and she now kissed me back. I reached down and pulled up her shirt. She lets me for a moment but soon she seems to think better of it. As if she remembers something. Damn!

"Stop," she says breathlessly, "I'm not ready for that yet."

I did not remind her that I already had seen her in all her glory, and it was for the best, she'd probably would start a fight. I was so blood starved and I was not used to doing that.

I was focusing all my energy invested in my plan. The little bit that I took from that guy was not helping too much now.

I needed to feed, and I needed sex because I had a serious case of blue balls. I just might destroy her with the amount of lust coursing in my veins. Which added up to one crabby vampire.

Even though I am rejected for the time being, I feel like some parts of me I thought long dead were coming alive.

She had such power over me that I thought was scary and wonderful at the same time. Something about my chosen one leaves me soothed and content inside. I almost feel human in a way.

How unexpected. How I love her.

Her cell phone suddenly rings from her purse and she goes and picks it up. "Hey Andrew, what's up?"

She looks over at me. "Yeah, but I can't tonight," she said twilling with her hair, and fidgeting with a pad and pen on the counter before walking to the bathroom.

"I met a guy," She says in a whisper.

I smile at this. It was cute as she was talking as if she didn't know I could hear her with my heightened sensitive vampire ears.

Good thing because this is a conversation that I didn't want to miss.

"Yeah, I met him at the bar one night. We hit it off and have been just...hanging out together." What...oh, Lestat.

Yeah I know right!" She says in a whisper like some gossipy teenager whispering her secrets. As if.

Something in me warms inside and goes all gooey as she talks to her band mate about me as if I were her boyfriend.

Her youth and innocent comes out and causes me to produce a protective instinct that I was really not prepared for. As this feeling surges through me, this moment changed everything.

The knowledge that she now considered me a love interest drives me into a tizzy of happiness. I decided to make myself useful and start her dinner. Soon enough Raina emerges from the bedroom.

"If you like, maybe I will consider us hanging out with your band."

"No way vampire," she says wearing a flirtation smile.

"You'd like that would you. I want to be introduced to your friends."

She chewed her bottom lip as she thought on it.

"Why so you can suck them dry." She playfully mocks.

I chuckle and left her hanging as I continued with her dinner. Unexpectedly, she came up behind me and a need washed over me like never before.

I wanted to be held and kissed so badly at that moment, even a simple touch will do. But instead she asked if she could help me with anything, and my hope deflates.

"Well, you could work on the salad," I say softly.

I hear her taking the ingredients from the fridge as I try and compose myself.

"So, how did you become a vampire?" She asked as she started to shred the lettuce.

I turned and crossed my arms over my chest and leaned on the counter. I regarded her a second or two and considered on how much I should reveal to her.

But we must learn to trust one another and truly deep down I was tired of hiding in the shadows. I wanted to tell her about me because she trusted me to tell me about her past.

So, why should I hide mine?

I told her about my childhood and when I lived in a castle. We had a nice title and name but no wealth to speak of. She was enthralled as I got to the time when I was an actor in Paris.

It was an exciting time for me.

As I got to the time of my change, she listened with such empathy that it astounded me. She cared for me; I could tell.

"So, does crosses work on you?"

"No," I chuckle, "most of the vampire lore is incorrect."

"What about the old stake through the heart thing." She asked eagerly.

"Nope, we would heal too quickly."

I decided to trust her completely as I told her about our weaknesses.

"We are impervious to bullets and sliver. But fire and decapitation pose a problem for us and in the end, one must scatter the ashes to make sure a vampire did not come back.

There's also the sun." I explain and I observed her eyes widen at this knowledge.

"Wow, ouch!" She cries out suddenly. She jerks her hand to her mouth.

The smell of blood rushed toward me and before I could think, I flitted over to her and take her thumb and suck on it hard, getting each delicious drop I could.

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