The Chosen One: Chapter 10 In Dreams
The Chosen One: Chapter 10 In Dreams queen of the damned stories

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Chapter 10: In Dreams, I made my way through the emptying streets of New Orleans. The bars closed at two am, and people were just getting home.

The Chosen One: Chapter 10 In Dreams

Chapter 10: In Dreams,

I made my way through the emptying streets of New Orleans. The bars closed at two am, and people were just getting home.

I should be laying low, ever since I called out the vampires, I had made some enemies and I was in no mood to fight tonight.

However, I knew if I did not get out, I was going to take her, that I was curtain. I kick a bit of trash out of my path. I wanted Raina to want me the way I wanted her. A willing lover and mate.

I hated the fear in her eyes, it barred our way to happiness. Desiring not only to win her obedience, but I also wanted her submission, her desire, her heart, and soul. Love.

I passed an all-night diner and waited there in the shadows in the parking lot. I searched with my mind and alas no criminals were among them.

Damn! Well just a sip or two from a random person will have to do. It was a complicated task to do this when all I could think about was her. My sweet mate.

But she would not permit me to drink from her, well not just yet anyway. I would have been such a wonderful experience with her. Better than sex even.

After sipping on a homeless man, I left without killing him. He now lays asleep by my suggestion of course, and he will not remember a thing.

With that task completed, I start to walk back to my apartment and instead of choosing my coffin, I decided to climb into bed with Raina.

Staring at her porcelain perfect skin in the soft glow of the dying candle she had lit, I brushed the black strand of hair from her eyes.

Her sweet violet eyes were closed with her thick dark lashes laying on her pink cheeks. She whimpered in her sleep from a nightmare playing out in her mind. It was the same one from last night.

Not able to stand it anymore, I pulled her into an embrace.

" It's just a dream." I murmur to her softly. She stirs and her eyes blink open.

"Lestat?" she sighs, still half asleep. "I'm glad you are here. You're always here when I need you." Her eyes close again and she begins to snore slightly.

Hopefully, she would forget the horrible dream. I don't know why she kept revisiting the dream of the wolf attack but there it was again. Feeling her calm, I released her reluctantly.

With her soft warm body settled next to me I go on my side and snuggle with her. Her amazing human scent sooths me.

Her presence is comforting and makes me feel like I'm home and I knew without a doubt that this was my princess. With my mate nestled in my arms, I fell asleep.

But instead of dreaming about my sweet mortal,

I found myself in the shadowy streets of Paris and after my meal I was flying from the foul-smelling streets and now I'm in the bedroom with sweet incense burning in there pots.

The scent of my kill rises from my clothes. I was now returned to the seaside manor. Akasha. I was in her presence and I could feel her coming, getting closer and I wait.

Though I carry with me the stench of death she will not be offended. She liked the smell of blood. I suspect she had more than a few kills herself this night.

"My king," Akasha says as she appears before me, stroking my face. She stepped forward then kisses me on the lips.

She moves her hands to her robe and opens it, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her magnificent body. She pulls out a hair clip and lets her hair come tumbling down her back and shoulders.

On top of her head a crown graced her mass of curls that sparkled in the candlelight.

I growl and drop to my knees in reverence. She runs her hand though my hair guiding my head to her sex.

"I save it only for you, Lestat." She tells me.

It was a lie of course; I was not her only lover. She even admitted it herself and declared she could have anyone she desired.

I didn't doubt that but was pleased she chose me for the time being. Knowing this, I still pretended not to care as I pleasured her into a climax.

Carrying her to bed, there I made love to her through out the night. As I stroke deeply, I bit into the flesh of her breast.

"Lestat." She moans. She is writhing, wild. Her glossy nails claw at my back.

"Lestat...please Lestat!" Someone calls.

As I take in a breath, the sweet human scent slaps me in the face. I open my eyes and see Raina struggling under me.

Screaming in terror that my fangs are at her neck, she was pushing me away with both hands. The gyration of her hips was not sexual but from the fear I now induced in her, she tried to get free.

Coming to my senses, I pulled back and lifted my weight from her, staring into her face trying to focus.

"Oh, thank God!" She breathed in a pant, nearly in tears.

She took this opportunity to move out from under me and I let her go.

I was humping her and as soon as she fled from me, I missed her comforting warmth and friction from her hips as we were rocking together.

"Raina," I whisper, "I'm so sorry."

Damn, why is this always happening to me. Just now I scared her so terribly I feared that I had undone all the work I had done to get her to love me. Even after I made that vow too.

I was almost taking her without consent. Maybe I should have slept in my coffin.

"Who is Akasha?" She demands with a trace of jealousy in her voice. It doesn't bother me at all but cheers me to no end. Interesting.

"She is my vampire mother, and of all vampire kind."

"Why were you dreaming of her?" She asked with hands on her hips.

I roll my eyes and sit up. "I really don't know. But back when she was alive, we had history. But when I found out the truth that she only wanted to kill everyone in the world, I betrayed her.

I, along with another vampires, drank her dry and she is now destroyed. It's weird that I was dreaming about her because I hate her, and I am unnerved by it.

" Running a shaky hand through my hair, I moved off the bed and stood before Raina. "It must be the blood; I did consume quite a lot of it.

It made me one of the most powerful vampires in the world, but the dreams are hell."

"Oh," She says studying my face.

Her scrutiny unsettles me a moment. I was not sure what she would do now.

"You...were you really going to bite me?" She asked me all aquiver "I woke you up just in time. I was so afraid that you would kill me."

"No Raina, I would never do..."

"Do what? Bite me or drain me dry."

I hung my head in shame. "I would never kill you, you're in my blood now. As for the biting, you will enjoy that I assure you."

Her arousal emanates from her body. I growl and snatch her around the waist and lie her down under me again. I can feel her nipples hardening through the sheer fabric of her night gown.

My mouth finds her ear. "You're so sweet and sexy, could you blame me for wanting you?'' I purr, running the tips of my fangs over the sensitive skin of her neck.

"Stop, no!" She pushes me with real effort.

"Now, now, shh sweet mortal. I will make it so good for you. It's just one little prick and then orgasmic ecstasy. I won't take too much blood.

I will only make a small scratch that will heal in days."

"Please Lestat, I'm not ready for all of that yet." She whispers shivering.

I roll off her immediately and help her sit up.

"Thank you Lestat."

I love that way she is so polite. I rise off the bed and cup her face; tilting her eyes up to look at me. I had a surprise for her.

I made a suggestion to only open the door to the terrace and go out in the sun when I am safe from the rays of its light.

I break our connection reluctantly. She sways in my hold as I caress her face.

She blinks. "Did you just mind rape me again?" She says suspiciously.

"Guilty." I say with a shitty smile. "You may go out onto the terrace."

To my astonishment, she pulls me down for a heated kiss. "Thank you Lestat."

Once she was gone, I get in the bed and roll over to her side and inhale. Her scent encompasses me from the covers. I grabbed her pillow and sigh to myself in contentment.

I could still feel the kiss on my lips and touched my fingers to the overly sensitive skin of my mouth. My fangs extended again at the very thought of her and the way she made me feel.

I groan into the pillow as I miss her presence. Damn I had to get some sleep today.

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