The Chosen One: Ch 3: The Nightmare
The Chosen One: Ch 3: The Nightmare queen of the damned stories

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Chapter 3: The Nightmare Lestat POV...

The Chosen One: Ch 3: The Nightmare

Chapter 3: The Nightmare

Lestat POV...

Raina was out for the night. I stood next to the bed and watched her. I sighed and raked my hands through my hair.

The girl was proving difficult to resist and I've had plenty of experience so that was saying something. I could tell she wanted me or at least was attracted to me.

Even if I could not tell in her scent, her face and body language gave her secret away. As if a mortal can hide such secrets from me.

Gazing at her beautiful face I wanted to stay. Not for sex, although I wanted that too, but to embrace her and hold her tightly, caressing her hair in whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

To amuse her, to make her happy. Just one kiss was all I was after. I notice she had not gotten into the nightgown I have provided.

Maybe she was too tired or scared to inspect the closet I had stocked for her.

With a sigh, I removed her shoes and tucked the blanket around her, making sure to cover her feet.

And still I could not make myself leave.

Looking down at her lovely face, I brushed her strand of hair away from her damp forehead.

What an infernal blaze beneath that shy, reserved exterior of hers. So much that I believe that she had some deep dark desires that I would be happy to fulfill once it's been revealed to me.

I so much wanted guidance with my plan. I struggled with my emotions more than I ever thought I would. I needed Marius. He would surely help in this situation.

I hope he could sense my need for him and come to my aid. There was no one else I was comfortable with to open up to.

With one last brush of my fingertips against her smooth cheeks, I slowly bent and kissed her on the lips. A tender soft kiss that made her moan slightly in her sleep.

Satisfied I had one kiss for the night I headed towards the door and closed it quietly behind me. Leaving her to her sweet dreams and slumber.

Damn, I was so lonely. But my coffin awaits, and sunrise was approaching.

Raina POV ...

The nightmare was vivid tonight. Terrified I was running through the forest as I was being chased by a pack of Wolves.

With the moon obscured from the ever-increasing dark clouds in the dense canopy of tall trees, the barely visible trail was not quite visible from the newly fallen snow.

There up ahead was a dim light my only guide in the growing darkness.

I must follow the light. It was my only chance. As I followed it, I prayed I would not stumble or fall, they surely would be upon me then.

All alone in the foreboding darkness, the huge Wolves with red eyes and sharp fangs were close behind. I was defenseless.

Exhaustion quickly settled in my limbs and the raising beat of my heart caused my breath to rapidly pulse through the frigid air.

Soon, my legs will give out and then they will be upon me and rip me to shreds.

Desperate tears stream down my face, and I just kept running. Then I saw him, hidden in the shadows under a nearby tree was a silhouette of what looked like a tall man.

''Help me! ''I called to him.

Yet there was no response, only silence. A silence that left to destroy me least he would answer my call. Was he even real? God please let him be so. Or I would die a horrific death.

I made a quick decision to change course and head right towards him. What choice did I have? If it proved to be a shadow, a specter of my imagination, I would run until I collapsed.

My hopes soared as I got closer, the man was not an imaginary figure but a real person. Hope burned through my soul.

''Help! ''I yelled again. His eyes were fixed on the rapidly gaining red eyes.

Finally, he turned to me and smiled ever so gently, ''No need to scream at me so, Raina, get behind me. ''

What? How did he know me? He spoke my name as if it was common knowledge. With his face darkened in the shadow it was hard to make out. But that voice, it sounded so familiar.

Obeying him I hid behind his form as he watched the Wolves burst out of the bushes at the tree line on the edge of the clearing. Snarling and growling came to our ears as they darted towards us.

The man raised his hand and snarled at them. Then he gave an unearthly roar that shuttered my very soul, exposing his own pair of fangs.

The Wolves began backing away with their tails between their legs, still looking at the man not turning their backs to him as they retreated and turned at last and bolted away.

''Run, you damned cowardly beasts!'' he yelled.

I looked up to see him staring at the way the Wolves went, and without looking at me he spoke again.

''You should keep running you know. Raina, there's a reason the wolves fear me. I'm a monster. '' He said now turning his head to look at me. Those eyes glowed in the darkness.

His fangs long and distended. He looked fierce as the moonlight emerged from the clouds and the beam shone softly on his face.

Was he trying to scare me off? Well I had enough running for one night. Besides somehow, I was not afraid.

''How can you say that you're not a monster to me, Wolf killer.'' I say without control of my words.

The word Wolf killer came out naturally as if it was his very own name.

I raised up on my tip toes and gave him a swift heated kiss on the lips.

''Careful, ''he said taking me by the arms and pull me back, ''my fangs are sharp. ''

''I don't know what you're talking about, your fangs are cute on you. ''I lick my lips and smile, coyly inviting him to kiss me.

''Stubborn little one, you have no idea who I am do you? ''He smiled at me as if I amused him. His teeth flashed again in the silvery moonlight.

Then a slow terrible smile formed on his lips. ''Raina do you want these fangs to pierce the skin of your neck? '' He said it in a tone that was more of a promised in the threat.

''Will it hurt? '' I ask in a whisper.

''Yes, it will my dear. But it will be pleasurable much like sex. Do you feel adventurous? '' He asked as I encircle his neck with my arms, further conveying my invitation.

''I want this, '' I whisper to him, as his lips loomed above my artery area on my neck.

''Why? '' He asked in a whisper I could hardly make out.

''Because I want you to Make Love to me,'' I say with a bold tone that surprised me.

''Would you? '' I asked as I took his silence as hesitation.

''I ...don't know how. ''He said turning away so I would not see his shame.

Incredulously I gasped. Surely this man had done it before. He was sex on legs.

''I rephrase that, I mean I don't remember it's been a long time ago.'' His voice sounded so lonely and sad.

Well that was a relief. He wasn't a Virgin, that would have been horrible.

''I can help you to remember, ''I say sure of myself.

With those bold words I felt myself grow wet, dizzy, and dimly aware what it was like to swoon as I fell into his arms.

For a moment he stared into my eyes, his gaze hungry and yet unsure. His lips tantalizingly closed.

''Kiss me, please,'' I begged him, hardly able to fight the sense of decency that held me back. Now it was crumbling under the weight of his stare.

His arms still wrapped around me tightly, he tangled his fingers in my hair as he held my head in place and lowered his lips to mine. Time had no consequences for us. Everything slowed down.

This man had an effect on me that made me feel like nothing mattered anyway. Pure passion erupted between us and burn out of control.

At first his touch was gentle as he took possession of my mouth but soon a rage of lust spurred him into a frenzy of kissing that I never thought I would ever experience.

I felt rather then heard the growl that rumbled in his chest. His grip tightened even more as he continued his very desired assault on my lips.

It should have been painful, uncomfortable but it wasn't. The erotic heat from him transferred to me.

''More, ''I said as I pulled away from the kiss.

I was panting, I needed more of him. I trusted my dream lover.

Applying light pressure to my aching nipples each in turn he nipped and licked with tender yet firm pursuit of my pleasurable moans.

I granted him his wish as I whimpered under his ministrations. There was no shame in my outburst and as my wetness between my legs dripped and ran down my legs, it caused me to arch my back.

His eyes shot up as I screamed out my cry. I climax without him hardly touching me down below.

When my tremors subsided, he crawled up and gathered me into his arms, to bond with him further and to feel the magnetizing connection.

''Shh, now young one, ''he says gently as his face came to me clearly.

''Lestat? ''

He nodded as he lifted his face to look at me, his features now soft and pleasant. He bent again and took my lips sweetly.

''You're such a prize, and you are mine. ''He was saying as his features started to fade away.

''No please come back!'' I say reaching for him, but he was gone too soon.

''I want you and to Make Love to you too. Give you pleasure that you did for me.''

''Ah, but you did sweetling and I will be forever grateful.''

As the dream faded, I woke up startled and sweat ran down my flush face.

No! It was only a dream.

A deep sense of loss in enveloped me so much that tears leaked from my eyes. I was so lonely. I hugged myself as I curled up into the ball under the covers.

I did not want the tray of food I smelled close by. Nothing would comfort me now. So, I fell asleep hoping that the pain would dissipate with my sorrow as sleep took me once again.

Maybe he will return to me as I dream.

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